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The Erko supermarket debate

Friends of Erskineville have stepped up their Internet-based campaign in opposition to the proposal of a two-storey supermarket. The momentum has continued to gather pace with more than 3,000 people signing petitions in local shops and online reports Ellice Mol in the South Sydney Herald of March 2008.

In addition to the 220 objection letters to Council, the community group is encouraging residents to write directly to Woolworths.

“We are pretty much letting Woolworths know that this is just not the right location for this in the community,” said Victoria Rati, spokesperson for Friends of Erskineville.

City of Sydney Councillor and former Erskineville resident Shane Mallard said it could have a lot of negative impact upon Erskineville’s neighbourhood area. “But at the same time,” Mr Mallard said, “I live in Potts Point and just about everyone there would say it’s a blessing we’ve got a Woolworths”.

Mr Mallard said most residents access the Potts Point supermarket by foot. “With no car park it’s patronised by all the local people,” he said. “It’s a major success story for the area and it has helped attract more businesses to the shopping strip.”

Ms Rati is concerned about the impact on resident parking and traffc fow. “There seems to be a complete denial of the implications,” she said. “There’s going to be a car-park for 30 cars.”

Mr Mallard concedes that the two developments cannot be compared. “You can’t fully take the lessons from Potts Point and apply them to

Erskineville because they have different demographics and communities,” he said.

Without having seen a report, Mr Mallard says the Erskineville proposal probably needs to be scaled back before Council can consider it. He did acknowledge, however, that a Woolworths could be beneficial to the area.

Source: South Sydney Herald March 2008 -