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From Russia to Randwick: 100 years

Not many of those pushing the 90-years barrier would think about moving house, let alone country. Waterloo resident Lev Gudeyskiy did just that back in 1996, coming to Australia to start a new life reports the South Sydney Herald of March 2008.

Last month, Russian-born Lev celebrated another milestone, turning 100 years old. Partying in style with 200 other revelers in the Burger Centre in Randwick (his home away from home), he expressed thanks for the support he receives from Jewish Care.

State Minister for Ageing and Lev’s local member, Kristina Keneally, was on hand to congratulate Lev. “Lev is a wonderful reminder to all of us that with the right attitude in life we can live long and healthy lives, allowing us to contribute as much as possible to our local community,” she said.

Lev attributes his success in age to an erstwhile grandfather, and three shots of vodka or cognac a day. He is one of 1,000 people 100 years or over. By 2026 this number is estimated to rise to 6,500.

Photo: Ben Falkenmire - Caption: Kristina Keneally with Lev Gudeyskiy

Source: South Sydney Herald March 2008 -