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Step it up and go

With Australia now having the highest rate of obesity in the world, four South Sydney locals have taken control of their own waistlines by starting a running group reports Alex Mackenzie in the South Sydney Herald of October 2008.

They meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am at the Uniting Church at 56a Raglan Street, Waterloo, and run for about half an hour. They are looking for new members – all ages and fitness levels are welcome. There is no pressure, and everyone can go at his or her own pace, whether that’s running or walking.

One of the members has been sponsoring a child in Guatemala for the past eight years, and there are plans to set up a similar fundraising project for the running group. They hope to get sponsorship for the distances they run, and to direct this money towards a worthy cause.

There will be further details in our next issue, so stay tuned. Anyone looking to improve their fitness and do some good can contact us here at the SSH (

Photo: Ali Blogg - Caption: Adrian, Benedict, Andrew and Bron in Sydney Park

Source: South Sydney Herald October 2008