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Spinifex – a Darlington business at the cutting edge

Technological advances in display devices mean that LED screens can match the height of an Olympic stadium and wrap around irregular shapes while beaming interactive content. “LED screens are now more flexible,” says Tracey Taylor, executive producer for Spinifex, a locally based Design and Communications Agency reports Ellice Mol in the South Sydney Herald of October 2008.

Spinifex generates 2D and 3D motion graphics specifically for these “flexible” screens. Based in Darlington it has established itself in a niche market where art and technology merge for use in the commercial world. Recently, work the company produced for the Beijing Olympics added to its list of achievements. “Spinifex produced content that ran on a 14-metre high LED scroll that featured in the opening ceremony,” says Mr Taylor. The Silk Road, Marco Polo and Tai Chi scenes projected on the rim of the giant screen, were among the scenes produced by the Spinifex team.

At Spinifex, a modest team of 45 uses large screens as a canvas to deliver powerful messages. Most of the work is seen on an international stage. It has produced content for the 2006 Asian Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, generating images for a screen 126 metres wide, as well as creative media for sporting events like the Rugby and FIFA World Cups.

Everything is produced digitally, making the whole process economically viable. However, Mr Taylor says one disadvantage in working in the field is the difficulty faced in file delivery. Spinifex often transfers very large, high-resolution files, electronically.

Yet the company remains at the forefront of its field. “Not many people are doing what we do,” says Mr Taylor. “Plus, our technical understanding puts us ahead of the other four companies experimenting in the space.”

He says the future possibilities are exciting. “It’s experimental, and it’s not just about creating content to watch but it’s fast becoming content that is more immersive, and interactive for the audience.”

Photo: Ali Blogg - Caption: Spinifex

Source: South Sydney Herald October 2008