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Love times two – local author’s enchanting memoir

In the late 1960s, Kathy, a young woman living and working in suburban Sydney, met a Polish medical student and fell in love. In My Two Husbands Kathy Golski, recollects her time with her first husband, Olek, which was tragically cut short, and how she found love again with another Polish man, Voy. My Two Husbands chronicles a tale of survival and hope through laughter and tears reports Amanda Robb in the South Sydney Herald of November 2008.

Kathy fell in love with the Polish culture. In her latest work, she recounts Olek’s tales of growing up in the holocaust, and how through his childhood memoirs, which she narrates with such effervescent imagery, she came to understand his destiny was foretold by a gypsy.

Kathy’s life with Olek saw her and their three children travel the world following his career as a doctor. Life for Kathy was full of chaos, motherhood, celebration and happiness as she lived poles apart between two cultures. Adapting to the “Polish ways” were challenging, especially dealing with her mother-in-law, Olek’s mother, Mamushka. However, her big-hearted-ness overrode the challenges and she not only fell in love with her first husband, but also the history and culture of Poland.

Life stopped abruptly for Kathy when Olek was tragically killed in an accident, leaving their three young children fatherless and Kathy heartbroken. It is this next stage of her life where Kathy finds love again with Voy, another Polish man. Voy gently filled a familiar role through his similar Polish traits and patient nature aiding towards her healing process and providing her another chance of happiness.

On a new journey now, Kathy reflects through My Two Husbands how the spirit and guidance of Olek was, and still is a constant companion for her and their children, Nadya, Jan and Mishka. Having walked a new path with Voy, which welcomed a fourth child, Rafal, Kathy sees Olek’s unfinished stories now being lived through her children, who all live passionate and eclectic lives.

Painter and writer, Kathy now resides in Redfern with her husband Voy, filling her home with vibrant grandchildren, her canvases and heart-filled memories.

My Two Husbands is an enchanting memoir.

Photo: Ali Blogg - Kathy Golski with husband Voy

Source: South Sydney Herald November 2008