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Suggestions for police commander

As a local resident, I am very pleased to see that the new Redfern Police Commander, Luke Freudenstein, has said that he will try to ensure the the police officers under his command will do their job properly and obey the law (‘Policing in Redfern’, SSH October 2008) writes Dale Mills in a letter to the South Sydney Herald of November 2008.

Here are three suggestions for Commander Freudenstein:

1. Tell his officers not to cycle, illegally, down footpaths. Apart from alarming local pedestrians with large men driving towards them at great spead, in sets a poor example for others.

2. Make sure his officers wear identification badges as police regulations require. Even officers at the reception area of Redfern police station sometimes don’t wear badges.

3. Tell police officers to mind their manners. Nothing outrages ordinary people more than a rude and surly police officer, on a taxpayer-funded salary, being rude to members of the public simply because the individual police officer involved knows that he or she can get away with it.

Let's see if things change.

Dale Mills


Source: South Sydney Herald November 2008