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Studio for artists and passers-by

Shopfront Studio is located at 152 Redfern Street. The shopfront is a studio/gallery space where local artists can create and display their art. People passing by get to witness the creative process of the artists at work reports Eve Gibson in the South Sydney Herald of December 2008.

This venture is a first for Rebecca Jacka, who decided to open the Shopfront Studio to support local artists who are trying to pave their way in the Sydney art scene. Rebecca says she wants to “make a difference in the Redfern community and bring a bit of colour and joy to people’s lives”.

“The studio gives artists the opportunity to sell their work. Every artist who has painted in the space has sold at least one of their works. Thus, the cost of $25 per week is a small price to pay to have that exposure and your own shop front to sell your art. It's not often the case that artists can engage with the community in such a direct fashion and create a dynamic relationship with the public.”

The vision for the art space is to share ideas and techniques among artists. “I am trying to create a place that is a bridge between university and a commercial gallery where people can create together.”

The studio is designed for five artists to come together (beginners or experienced) for 10 weeks, all working independently in the one space. This enables the artists to share ideas, skills and knowledge. The artist can choose to have an exhibition at the end of their 10-week tenure or to display their works as they are created.

If you wish to use Shopfront Studio the cost is $250 for a 10-week session and $250 – $400 for exhibition space.

For more information contact Rebecca: or 0413 681 875.

Image: Rebecca Jacka, ‘Don’t Throw The Bird Out With The Bathwater’ (2008)

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2008