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Works on film, online - Artist Profile: Curious Works

Shakthi Sivanathan is the creator of Curious Works, an independent education and technology arts program that collaborates with communities using digital media and the arts. The programs offer communities ways of sharing and connecting with other people, as they present the projects online through the medium of film reports Eve Gibson in the South Sydney Herald of December 2008.

Curious Works collaborates with a variety of communities, working with elders and children in remote Indigenous communities like Roebourne right through to assisting kids to make their own short films in Redfern. Curious Works is based in Surry Hills. Recently spending a month in Roebourne, Curious Works assisted the local Indigenous residents to document the Ngarluma language and traditional practices through film.

Curious Works has also worked in Melbourne at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, displaying an art installation. The artwork, ‘Overflow’, was a project about what the world would look like if we were living underwater due to the effects of climate change. Shakthi says that Curious Works likes to share art in public spaces rather than theatres. Through having the works “out and about, we own our cities”.

Curious Works is in the process of creating an ‘All Around You’ model which involves “digital media and the arts that blend with everyday life”. Shakthi talks about how ‘All Around You’ is a platform for under-resourced communities to stand on, that in the long-term enables them to represent themselves independently and sustainably. The model will be launched as both an online resource kit and physical toolkit in early 2010.

If you would like to take part in helping out with any of the projects of Curious Works you can find out more at .

Photo: Curious Works on location

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2008