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Sustaining business in Redfern

Hopes are high for a new centre for business sustainability which has just been unveiled in Redfern reports Lisa Moon in the South Sydney Herald of December 2008.

The resource88 Centre for Sustainable Practice is an eco-friendly organisation which aims to help businesses change their ways and contribute to the urban renewal of the Redfern precinct. “What we’re trying to build here is something innovative and exciting, and a little uncertain and a bit scary,” said Mary Lynne Pidcock, Principal for resource88, at the Centre’s launch.

Richard Green, an Irish-Aboriginal artist and linguist who spoke at the function, is excited by the possibilities of a revitalised Redfern. “It’s about culture. It’s about walking together, black and white people,” he said.

Caroline Pidcock, niece and business partner of Mary Lynne, said that the purpose of the centre is to take initiatives to rejuvenate the Redfern business district. “It’s not about gentrification, but it is about making [the Redfern area] a safer and better place, and a more exciting place to be,” Caroline said. She also explained how recycling and frugality with resources enabled the centre to get off the ground in the midst of the financial crisis.

“We are in tricky times at the moment,” she said.

resource88 offers modern, refurbished office space to professional businesses wanting to engage in environmentally sustainable practices. It aims to create a learning space where ideas can be collected and shared, not only within its physical boundaries, but also in a virtual medium once its website has been fully launched.

Mary Lynne Pidcock thanked sponsors for their “vote of confidence” as she referred to their enthusiasm and support for the project. She also described her passion for the environment as the driving force in her development of the centre. “I have a very personal motivation in that I think we all have to do something,” she said.

resource88 Centre for Sustainable Practice can be found at 88 Pitt Street, Redfern.

Photo: Ali Blogg - Caption: Mary Lynne and Caroline Pidcock, founders of resource88

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2008