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Americans celebrate Obama inauguration in Sydney

BRITTANY Spencer was a long way from home, but she wasn't about to let a little thing like a 15-hour time difference stop her from witnessing the Obama inauguration reports Michelle Cazzulino in the Telegraph of January 21, 2009.
"I got up at 3.30am. I had to watch it - I knew my Mum would've killed me if I'd have said, 'No, I watched it at a party the next day," she laughed.

The 18-year-old American student joined about 300 other Obama fans at the University of Sydney's Manning Bar, where the inaugural speech was rescreened at lunchtime today.

Similar scenes took place around the city throughout the day as Australians celebrated the swearing-in of America's first African-American president.

At The Block in Redfern, a barbecue was held for local residents and community leader Michael Mundine said he hoped the change of government would inspire Australia's indigenous population.

"I believe that if a black man can (lead the nation) over there, then an Aboriginal man can do it here," he said.

Waterloo mother-of-two Monica Pogonza said Mr Obama's heritage and aspirations had been an excellent example for her own mixed-race children.

"He's very positive and he wants to get things done and I think that's what America needs at the moment," she said.


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