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Redfern refuses to be blocked

The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) say they will stage a protest if Railcorp are allowed to move the main entrance of Redfern train station off Lawson Street, amid discussion of Eveleigh’s future development reports Angus Thompson in City News of 9 April 2009.

At a community forum held to discuss the development, AHC representative, there will be demonstrations if they allow Railcorp to go ahead with the plan.

“It’ll be a brawl. We’ve got the unions on side, the rail, bus and train unions.” Said James. According to Mick Mundine of the AHC, if they decide to demonstrate they can have 500 hundred people there within the hour.

Mr Mundine says the station entrance should remain where it is because the pedestrian traffic keeps Lawson Street and ‘the block’ from becoming isolated, building community and reducing crime.

“If they move it, it’ll be like crime central, it’s not going to work,” he said.

Mr James says that the loss of pedestrian traffic will counteract the AHC’s efforts to improve ‘the block’.

The plan by Railcorp to move the entrance off Lawson Street was revealed in late 2007, but with the development approaching and the RWA opening lines of communication with the Redfern community, the AHC is taking the opportunity to once again voice its outrage.

“You better believe it mate. It’s devastating for them to turn their back on Lawson Street and the Aboriginal community,” Said Mr Mundine.

Mr Wakelin-King tried to assure the housing company that the RWA is in talks with Railcorp and that he believes plans for the station have not yet been finalised.

“I don’t think they’ve settled on any particular plan, is my understanding and obviously [with the issue of] Lawson Street, whatever re-development proposal has to be considered strongly,” he said.

Mr Wakelin-King told the forum that the RWA is making a big effort to maintain communication with the community over the Eveleigh development.

“We obviously respect and wish to emphasize the nature of the engagement with the community.” Said Mr Wakelin-King.

But with the redesign of the Redfern station in the hands of Railcorp, members of the AHC are concerned that their wishes won’t filter through.