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Head to Head

Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally (above right) has come out swinging against her Labor Party colleague, City of Sydney councillor Meredith Burgmann (above left) over her position on alcohol-free zones reports Central on 22 April 2009.

Cr Burgmann said she opposed the proliferation of alcohol-free zones because they targeted the disadvantaged and homeless. But this week, Ms Keneally came out saying her colleague was "wrong" on the issue and that Waterloo residents wanted the zones to make parks and streets safer.

"I encourage Cr Burgmann to join me and the residents of Turanga and Matavai towers on the Waterloo Green," Ms Keneally said. "My constituency support alcohol-free zones and would like to see them extended further."

Ms Keneally said the State Government was looking at whether it had legal power to impose alcohol-free zones in public areas such as Waterloo Green.

"Drinkers make it unpleasant for children and mums and dads in the playground. Most of these drinkers come from outside the area to use Waterloo Green. Confiscation of alcohol is a power that police should have," Ms Keneally said.

Source: Central 22 April 2009