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The greatest!

Well, howdy! So what’s happening in the wide, wide world of sports? Not since the heady days of 1964, when a young Cassius Clay stood over a prone Sonny Liston and declared to the world, “I am the greatest!” have we seen such confidence in a young sportsperson Report by Adrian Spry in the South Sydney Herald of May 2009.

Christine “Teen” Duckett is confident, brash, and “up front”. Always ready to “kick butt” (in the nicest possible way), Christine is a ruthless competitor – but always lovable.

The complete netballer and all-round athlete, Teen can play either Wing Attack or Wing Defence. Loud and aggressive or quietly determined, whatever the situation calls for, Teen can deliver.

The Pearlers are our local South Sydney team, and Netball Australia would be well advised to keep an eye on these talented girls. The future Opals are here on our doorstep. These young Indigenous athletes only need encouragement and their natural athleticism will shine.

The Pearlers play at Heffron Park. Christine’s team has been winning, and she’s looking forward to Saturday’s game.

Any other sports? Yes, Christine aims to be Middle Weight Champion of the World, and issues a challenge to Anthony Mundine! When I ask this 12-year-old girl if she feels confident about taking on a world-class fighter, I get my reply – completely deadpan – “Get real, Adrian. I am the greatest!”

Athlete profile: Kim Byers

Age: 10

Sport played: Netball

Team: The Pearlers

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite movie: Spy Kids

Favourite music: Justin Timberlake and Sierra

Favourite sportsperson: Cathy Freeman

What do you want to be when you grow up?: A singer (Hip Hop, R&B)

Where would you like to live?: In a big mansion on a mountain.

School: Mount Carmel

Do you like school?: No. I’d rather play sport!

Best NRL team: St George-Illawarra

Speak about family: I love my family (Chris, Danese, Christine, Anna, Shanise, Kiffa, Kingston, Pop, Leane).

Do you want to play netball for Australia?: Yes.

Talk about Indigenous issues: People should know that Aboriginal people are nice!

Photo: Andrew Collis - Caption: Christine and Kim

Source: South Sydney Herald May 2009