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Tearing it up at Fernside

Not even the grey skies and looming rain could keep the scores of skateboarders and scooter riders away from the 10th Annual Fernside Skating Competition reports Alexander Fleming in the South Sydney Herald of May 2009.

The competition, held at the skate park in Waterloo, took place on Saturday April 4 in front of an excited young crowd. Skaters from all over Sydney came to try their luck in the competition, with equipment, gift vouchers and cash prizes of up to $200 for the taking.

From front flips to tail whips, spectators were treated to an incredible display of technical mastery, as kids of all ages jumped at the opportunity to show off their skill and expertise.

The day kicked off early with the scooter and rollerblading competitions before moving into the main event – the skateboarding. 

As the clouds grew darker the competition intensified, as older and more experienced competitors battled it out for first place.

The competition was a great display of young people getting involved in local events, with all volunteers, judges and administrators drawn from the community itself. It was organised as a part of National Youth Week, and was overseen by South Sydney Youth Services.

Director Shane Brown praised the efforts of everyone involved, and reaffirmed the importance of lifestyle activities such as this. “It’s really important that young people feel they have a place where they can be themselves. Skaters have a particular culture and it’s important that we support that. Sport, fitness and healthy lifestyle programs are so important for social and physical health, and getting involved early you can carry it through to your adult life.”

The event was just one of many that are organised by South Sydney Youth Services, which also offers counselling and other community initiatives.

Starting next month, the organisation is offering free Hip-Hop classes for teenagers aged 12 to 14.

Photo: Ali Blogg - Caption: Flying high (in 2006)

Source: South Sydney Herald May 2009