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Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young people

As its recent media release indicates, we learn that great things are planned for the new National Centre for Indigenous Excellence opening in George Street Redfern later this year. The NCIE, will become “the first multi-use complex to offer world class sport, education, art and cultural programs for young Indigenous people. Fostering talent and encouraging excellence, the NCIE will provide young people the foundations they need to succeed in their future endeavours.” reports the South Sydney Herald of May 2009.

Nominations are now invited for the NCIE Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). “Seven positions are available to young people in Sydney aged between 12-18 who demonstrate passion and enthusiasm on youth issues affecting the local community.”

“The young people selected for the YAC will work under the direction and guidance of the YMCA – the committee creator and key NCIE Operator. The YMCA will play a pivotal role in collaborating with the committee and the NCIE to ensure programs and activities implemented are meeting the needs of the local young community.”

NCIE Director and Indigenous Leader, Sol Bellear, believes the Youth Advisory Committee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young people to make a difference. ‘This is a unique and exciting opportunity for young people from the local Redfern-Waterloo community to have their voices heard on a national scale. 

‘Through this initiative, local kids can speak on behalf of their peers on issues that are really important to them and influence the programs the NCIE and YMCA develop – which will not only benefit their local community, but young people from all around the country,’ continued Mr Bellear.”

To be eligible for selection, youth applicants must meet the following criteria:

·         Aged between 12-18 years

·         Passionate about youth issues

·         Living, working, going to school, or hanging out in the South Sydney area

·         Wanting to develop skills in leadership and to meet and collaborate with other young people

Maybe someone you know would be able to meet the criteria and has a dream about learning and giving leadership?

For more information, to apply online or to download an application form, visit

Source: South Sydney Herald May 2009