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Alexandria rave scuttled

Police shut down a rave party at an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria on Sunday morning reports Central on 20 October 2009.

Officers from Redfern were told about a large crowd congregating outside the disused building in Bourke Rd about 10.30 on Saturday night.

They found up to 500 people dancing throughout the building.

Officers said the mood was positive with no incidents of antisocial or criminal behaviour. But they returned to the premises about 1am on Sunday after hearing that a number of people had been assaulted inside the venue.

They decided to shut down the event and move-on the large crowd, which had grown to about 800.

Additional police resources were brought in, including the riot squad and rescue squad, and a number of dance floors were progressively shutdown and partygoers asked to leave.

The crowd dispersed by 5am with officers making one arrest for an assault on police and resisting arrest and issuing infringements to two other revellers for disobeying directions.

Police spoke to all the DJs to find out who organised the party, believed to have been advertised on a social networking website and staged at the warehouse without the owner’s consent.