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Running for Pemulwuy – the rundown

On Saturday October 24, a group convened at Tripod Café in Darlington to draw to a close the Running for Pemulwuy fundraising campaign begun in training for the Sydney Running Festival (held on September 20) reports the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.

SSH editor Trevor Davies took part in that event, achieving a personal best in the Bridge Run, and then Andrew Collis ran his first marathon – in Melbourne on October 11. Alex Tui, Manager of the Tony Mundine Gym on the Block, was at Tripod to draw winners from a barrel of donor’s names.

First prize was a painting by Redfern artist, Adam Hill, entitled ‘Road to Resilience’, a work based on the same design created for T-shirts worn by the road-running editors. The work features a raven (totem of Pemulwuy) as well as the number 221, referring to years of Indigenous resistance and hope since European settlement/invasion. Rev. Ian Pearson of the Pitt Street Uniting Church was the lucky winner of the painting. He’ll display it proudly in the inner-city church.

Other prizes included very collectable posters and prints by Elaine Syron documenting Aboriginal sport and culture in Sydney, a gym towel (official Melbourne Marathon merchandise), a Pemulwuy T-shirt, and various CDs.

Andrew described the marathon as the “sportiest day” of his life. “I actually enjoyed it,” he said, “it was a perfect day for running – about 7 degrees for the start.”

“It’s much easier to run with other runners. There were all kinds of people on the road – some had taken part in every one of the 32 marathons held in Melbourne. When I crossed the finish line at the MCG, after more than four hours, it was very emotional. I couldn’t talk for a while. I can understand why people get addicted to it. I’m thinking about another marathon for next year – we can keep running for Pemulwuy.”

Alex Tui says he’ll consider running himself. Send us an email if you’d like to join him (

Trevor and Andrew thanked donors and all who offered support and care over the past few months. “We’ve just about reached our target of $5000,” Trevor said, “which is great.” The fundraising website will remain online until February. The site will be maintained, and news posted on the Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy Project. Visit .

Congratulations to the following prize winners: Ian Pearson, Kate Nash, Nicole Gertenaar, Jane Barton, June and Alec Leach, John Berry, Barrie McMahon, Alex Tui, the Lay family, Wendy Turner, Jack Barton.

Photo: Marathon Photos  - Caption: Andrew crosses the finish line at the MCG