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What instrument does a skeleton play?

I must admit I didn’t know the answer to that significant question until told to us all by a confident young Darlington Public School student at the Halloween Fete recently. The answer is, of course, “A trombone!” Obvious, when you think of it. She gave us another one. “What does a bird say on Halloween?” The bird says, “Twig or tweet!” reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009

On the day, we all had a great time walking around among the stalls and the suitably painted and attired Halloween characters in the school grounds. Everything hummed with activity and a real sense of community. Talking with some of the parents, they all agreed that creating community between its diverse pupils and those around was a strong feature of life at the school.

Watching the music teacher, Graeme Sandstrom, organising a number of individual performances and then that of the school band, told us a lot about the nature of the school and its staff. There was such a spirit of friendliness, of encouragement, combined effort and talent as the band set itself up to bring us its music. If you were expecting ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ or maybe some familiar elementary classical pieces, you would still be waiting.

The band, which is a combined Darlington and Alexandria Park Community School group, launched into a song from Mama Mia!, complete with a very impressive young soloist singing confidently into a microphone! Times have changed.

It was a great fun day, with a Ghost House in one of the classrooms and all sorts of enjoyable activities for everyone. We came away with a sense of real celebration for all that lies there in the efforts of both teachers and students.

Photo: Ali Blogg - The Darlington and Alexandria Park Public School Band

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2009