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New Bus Service to City and North Shore

South Sydney and Botany Bay residents now can use a new, high frequency bus service to the City and North Shore writes Kristina Keneally in her advertisement in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.

The newest Metrobus route is here, running between Mascot and Gore Hill. The route 20 Metrobus service provides an extra 80,000 spaces for people travelling between Sydney’s south, the city and the lower North shore every week. As with the Metrobus route 10, the route 20 Metrobuses are a distinctive bright red colour.

This is the second of a five-route Metrobus network, which will be completed by the end of 2010. This whole network will provide over 300,000 additional passenger spaces on Sydney’s busiest corridors every week.

The Metrobus network is unique and features:

·       a route that connects places of work, shopping, entertainment and hospitals

·       high frequency services not requiring a timetable

·       a cashless, PrePay-only service for faster boardings, and

·       a mixture of high capacity ‘bendy’ buses and standard buses.

From Mascot the new Route 20 service will travel up Botany Road, turn right onto Epsom Road in Rosebery, past Victoria Park on Joynton Avenue, up Bourke Street, across Phillip Street, Waterloo and then to the City along the Chalmers Street/Elizabeth Street corridor and on to North Sydney, Crows Nest, St Leonards and Gore Hill.

As you may recall, the Route 20 was originally planned to start and terminate at Rosebery. However, the southern terminus was extended to give residents and workers in the Mascot area greater access to public transport.

The NSW Government made the pledge when the first Metrobus trial began of giving Sydney more buses, more often. That promise is being delivered with the Route 20 and will continue to be honoured next year with three more Metrobus routes.

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Source: South Sydney Herald December 2009