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Looking for clues at the Cauliflower

The Australian Crossword Club was established in 1990. Today, with a strong membership base across all states in Australia, the Club is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide enjoyment and stimulation to the devotees of the crossword puzzle reports the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.

Members meet on a regular basis in each state, but the Annual Get-Together is always in Sydney and has been held for the past six years at our very own Cauliflower Hotel in Waterloo.

Cauliflower owner, William Ryan, fifth generation hotelier, a Club member since 1991, says the lunch held last month was very informal with many members traveling from all over Australia. 

“It’s a barrel of laughs,” he said. “We got over 100 members including several of the Australian newspapers’ crossword writing luminaries.”

Ryan said, “A customer walked in for the first time – think his wife was on a factory outlet shop-a-thon – and said to one of the staff, ‘This hotel is famous’. The Cauliflower team member replied, ‘Yes, oldest pub in South Sydney, established 1838, lots of old-school colourful history, preferred Rabbitohs waterhole, publican, William Ryan, is a man about town …’ ‘No, no no,’ the customer interrupted, ‘This is the crossword pub!’”

Ryan, owner of the Cauliflower since 2004, is also a Chippendale resident and keen crossword solver.

His favourite crossword clue? Hard to pick one from the thousands, but how about these two!

Gegs (9,4) 
Friday giveaways? (10)

The Club’s monthly magazine, Crozworld, is filled with prize crosswords of all types, together with lively discussion between the members. “The magazine also publishes setters’ crosswords – it’s a great way for setters to establish themselves,” said editor Ian Williams.

For further details about the ACC contact the Secretary Bev Cockburn on (02) 9635 7802 (e-mail: 

Answers: Scrambled eggs and Footprints.

Photo: Andrew Collis -  Bev Cockburn (secretary/treasurer of the ACC), Ian Williams (editor of Crozworld), and David Stickley (author of the Stickler crossword, Daily Telegraph) at the Cauliflower Hotel

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2009