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Parking in Alexandria - Letter from Lord Mayor to Residents

The letter below was written on 11 March 2011 to an Alexandria resident regarding the Council's follow up to the ATP Parking Study. Given the general interest in Alexandria about this issue we are running the letter on the REDWatch website.

Parking in Alexandria

I refer to your email about parking conditions around the ATP site in Alexandria. 

I appreciate that parking continues to be difficult for residents in streets surrounding the site. I asked Kim Yu, the City’s Area Traffic Engineer, to investigate your comments and update me on the situation. 

Kim tells me that Transport and Urban Planning (TUP) completed the final report of the parking study last year and that ATP sent the City a copy in December. The report sought to assess parking conditions in the streets surrounding the ATP site, including levels and types of parking, and to make recommendations to the City to address residents’ concerns. 

The report makes a number of recommendations, including the introduction of timed permit parking with an exemption for residents with a parking permit, No Stopping restrictions in narrow streets and at intersections and the investigation of angle parking in specific streets. It also notes that some residents would not support the introduction of timed permit parking as it would negatively impact on residents without a permit and residents’ visitors. 

As you say, the report doesn’t make any recommendations for changes to the existing onsite parking at the ATP site. It does note, however, that many submissions from residents commented that ATP should use incentives (such as lowering parking costs) to encourage workers to either use the onsite parking facilities or to use alternative forms of transport to get to work, rather than relying on parking restrictions in surrounding streets. It also states that onsite parking fees are in keeping with commercial practice and needed to manage parking demand. 

ATP has told City staff it supports the report’s recommendations and doesn’t plan to invite further submissions from residents or hold public meetings about the final draft report. City staff are now considering TUP’s recommendations and will consult residents on proposed parking changes on a street-by-street basis before carrying out final community consultation on specific proposals (such as the introduction of timed permit parking). We expect to start community consultations in May. 

I understand the parking situation around the ATP site is frustrating for residents. The City did not approve the ATP site and it was assessed as a Part 3A project by the State Government. The City of Sydney made a submission to the State Government expressing our concerns about the impact on parking in local residential streets, however our concerns were not incorporated into their parking design. Further, as the City was not the consent authority, we cannot enforce conditions of consent, including those about ATP’s onsite parking arrangements. I encourage you to contact Julie Parsons, the Redfern-Waterloo Authority’s Community Relations Manager, with your continuing concerns about onsite parking on 9202 9117 or at

If you would like to speak with a Council officer about the community consultation for proposed parking changes, you can contact Kim on 9265 9333 or at 

Yours sincerely

Clover Moore MP

Lord Mayor of Sydney