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ATP Letter to Communters & an ATP Worker Response

Following concerns from Alexandria residents regarding ATP tenants parking in local streets the ATP in mid March leafleted cars parked in the area encouraging any ATP tenants to park within the ATP and offering concessional rates. Subsequently REDWatch received a copy of a letter from some workers at ATP responding to the ATP letter. Given some of the tensions between residents and commuters we thought it was worthwhile publishing the text of the original ATPPML leaflet and the reply from some commuters about the issue.

The Leaflet from the Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd

March 2011

Dear Car Owner,

If you work at the Australian Technology Park (ATP), we ask that you consider the needs of the local community when parking your vehicle. Using local streets for parking, whilst legally permissible, can impact on the amenity of local residents.

The staff of ATP are not the only ones parking in these streets, but we all have a responsibility to work with the local community to help out where we can.

ATPPML has a discount parking scheme for the staff of tenants of the ATP. However, with this letter is key information about public transport to and from ATP. The park is well serviced by public transport including rail and bus and you may find this a better option than driving your car to and from work.

Using public transport can be more efficient, save you money, and it also helps the environment.

We would appreciate you giving serious consideration to this information. Please help us all to be good neighbours with our local community.

If you require any further information on the parking at ATP please call ATPPML on

9209 4205.

Yours sincerely,

ATPPML Management

The Reply from Commuters at the ATP

March 2011

To: ATPPML Management, Everleigh

Cc:          Traffic Engineer, Sydney City Council

Cc: Residents


Let's be perfectly clear about this. Both the workers at Global/Seven on the ATP site and the residents in surrounding streets are the victims here of corporate greed. If you were seriously concerned about the impact this site is having on our neighbours' streets you would open and utilize the locked and empty, 260 space car park sitting in front of the Global/Seven building. You would not be charging hundreds of dollars per month for your on site car parks and the operators of the multi level car park that sits, mostly empty, under the Global/Seven building would open it for general use by the building's occupiers. But no, you have sought to extort money from us - workers who have been transplanted here from operational sites elsewhere in Sydney where free parking had been provided for more than forty years.

Many of us in the Global/Seven building are young women; many are onset TV crew working 12 hr days starting and finishing in the dark; many carry equipment and armfuls of confidential materials to and from work. Public transport to a station in one of the most unsafe areas of Sydney is not an option.

Our employers have failed in their duty of care and to compensate us in this regard, you at ATP are seeking only to make money out of the situation.. These   are the facts of the matter as we see them.


Vehicle owners who work within the ATP precinct, Everleigh