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Noisy garden shed at Redfern's ATP deemed "temporary''

NEIGHBOURS of the Australian Technology Park temporary gardeners’ compound are ecstatic it will finally live up to its “temporary” label now that the application to extend its use for another five years has been withdrawn reports Central on 30 April 2011.

The Technology Park had already been using Garden St, Redfern, compound for five years and recently submitted an application to extend its use until April, 2016.

However, resident Phil Chant, one of many locals to object to the noisy compound being made permanent, received a phone call last week from the Redfern Waterloo Authority informing him that the application had been withdrawn.
“It’s a fantastic outcome,” Mr Chant said.“If we had done nothing, the compound would have become permanent and we would have had to endure its noise and ugliness every day.”
Cornwallis St neighbour Robert Court said the residents really appreciate the Technology Park listening to their concerns.