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Big Day for Pizza Deliveries

Rebelling against the seasonally inappropriate snowmen and reindeers that festoon Australian houses at Christmas, Norrie May-Welby opted for a simple, but meaningful, decoration. The word ‘‘love’’ has lit up this Redfern street for years, and not just at Christmas. It inspired fellow residents of Caroline Street to hang lights outside their houses reports the Sydney Morning Herald of 23 June 2011.

Now almost every one glows with a colourful proclamation – hope, joy, optimism, belong – while love is spelt out in three different languages. The residents secured funding for the Lights Up Caroline project from the City of Sydney. ‘‘We asked everyone to put up something positive, to project to the world something that you felt you wanted to say,’’ resident Louise Lammers told reporter Kim Arlington. ‘‘There’s been a lot of negativity here. This street has history.’’ Caroline Street is one of the streets which borders the Block. The Redfern riot exploded just around the corner seven years ago. But things are changing. The area is being redeveloped and residents noted with some amusement that, for the first time in memory, pizzas were delivered to the street this week. And in a strip where a kickboxer and cage wrestler live side by side with nuns and a pyrotechnician, one thing they have in common is pride in their community – something the project has continued to foster.