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Abercrombie Street upgrade

DARLINGTON: Council was pleasantly surprised when a snap consultation at Tripod Café on Abercrombie Street produced 100 locals contributing their comments on Council’s draft plans. Lord Mayor Clover Moore also turned up and standing up a few stairs had a community discussion reminiscent of an old-style town hall meeting reports Geoff Turnbull in the December 2011 issue of The South Sydney Herald.

Council proposes to widen the southern side of the Abercrombie Street footpath from Ivy to Codrington, undergrounding power lines, providing improved lighting and, after the high turnout, hopefully providing brick paving rather than asphalt. Local residents took the opportunity to push Council for a more village-like treatment dealing with both sides of the road, improved maintenance on Charles Kernan Reserve and pointing out that Council also needed to address the pedestrians’ issues from the station to the University along Lawson Street and Little Eveleigh Street.

One resident argued that Sydney University should contribute to the upgrade as their students were major users of the area and the University representative said this was not an unreasonable request and they would consider it. Probably a good answer given the University will start discussions in December about its revised plans for the new Abercrombie Street Business School.

Trevor Davies was not forgotten – with support for a memorial either the “Trevor seat” idea or possibly even a Trevor Davies Park on Abercrombie Street in the Uni redevelopment. A barbecue in late November further supported these ideas and relaunched an old passion of Trevor’s with a petition as the first step in a campaign for proper access at Redfern station.

Source: South Sydney Herald December 2011