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Council Redefines Villages Groups

Council has redrawn its village boundaries for community forums and delivery of community services in line with the City’s 2030 strategy reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.

The new boundaries are an important administrative mechanism for Council. It is asking residents for input about their local “Village Groups” to help identify what services and facilities should be in their local community.  Between late February and early April Council will hold community forums in the ten roughly equal sized village groups.

There have been concerns raised about how the boundaries have been drawn, as major arterial roads and railway lines isolate some suburbs from their designated hub. So for example” Redfern St” village group includes Chippendale, but not Redfern public housing which is part of “Crown and Baptist Streets”, while Danks Street, Waterloo Oval and Alexandria Park all become part of “Green Square and City South”. 

Irrespective of reactions to the new boundaries, the process will set Council’s local agenda for the next few years. So visit for information about your “Village Group” and take the opportunity provided to say what you want Council to do in your local community.

Source: South Sydney Herald February 2012