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SMDA Area Exhibitions

Some planning protection will come to the Large Erecting Shop with the welcome withdrawal of the BEP zoning for a 4 – 12 storey building and the reinstatement of controls at its existing height. The site returns to permitting rail infrastructure facilities and information and education facilities consistent with RailCorp’s decision to use the site for rail heritage purposes and is on exhibition until February 15 reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of February 2012.

In addition to the AHC’s Pemulwuy Project which includes student accommodation (exhibition until February 29) Urbanest’s proposal for 2-5 storey student housing nearby on Cleveland Street is also on Exhibition until March 2.

Consultations on the SMDA precinct studies kicks off in February with focus groups on the crucial Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Scoping of the of the BEP2 changes, details are available from the SMDA. Following the abandoning of the 2011 Community Facilities Review the requirement of the area for facilities and service delivery will now also be included in the SIA.

HNSW Masterplan discussions also underway are including possible one stop shops and unspecified community facilities without the facilities review findings and there is a danger of a repeat of the Redfern Oval experience where access to facilities people expected during consultations was not delivered.

Source: South Sydney Herald February 2012