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Bye-bye SMDA

The NSW budget announced the demise of the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) and its amalgamation with Landcom into a new state-wide body called Urbangrowth NSW. The new body will have compulsory acquisition powers like the current SMDA and will be in place by mid-July writes Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of July 2012.

Minister Hazzard has characterised the new body as “Landcom on Steroids” and in the announcement he said: “Urbangrowth NSW will continue the Government’s 10,000 housing lots program; coordinate and deliver lead-in infrastructure and service provision to development areas; plan and fast-track urban renewal projects to unlock further pr ivate sector investment - providing more housing choice and affordability.”

Ten focus areas were specified for the 10,000 lots with the nearest being Green Square Town Centre where Landcom is already involved. Redfern and Waterloo were not specifically mentioned in the budget statements. You can see the media release on

Details are not yet available about the implications for the SMDA current work program and BEP2, or what will happen with the ATP which the government owns through the SMDA. It has been reported that Landcom Chair John Brogden is the new Chair. So keep an eye on the SMDA or REDWatch websites for more details.

Source: South Sydney Herald July 2012 -