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Business Chamber wants sculpture gone

REDFERN: On behalf of the local business community, the South Sydney Business Chamber (SSBC) is starting a campaign to remove “The Bower”. The sculpture was installed in Redfern in 2008, near the station, at the intersection of Regent and Redfern streets reports the February 2013 Issue of the South Sydney Herald..

“The Bower” has been unappreciated by many in the community since its unveiling. Many feel it does not represent the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary Redfern. The SSBC supports the view that this sculpture has been inappropriately sited. Residents have commented that it is an assertive rather than collaborative piece of artwork, and are sometimes genuinely disturbed by its sharp edges.

The SSBC supports the efforts of the community to contribute to the positive rebranding, improvement and re-positioning of the suburb and has started an online and offline petition in order to seek support to remove the sculpture.

The goal is to collect 10,000 signatures. Residents can sign the petition either in some of the participating Redfern shops near and around the sculpture or online at the campaign’s Facebook page: Several locals have posted ideas about how the intersection could better be utilised.

For more information contact South Sydney Business Chamber on (02) 8284 7716.