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New growth precincts?

When land values are determined by lines on government maps showing growth areas and other potential developments it is important to get things correct writes Geoff Turnbull in Febuary 2013's South Sydney Herald.

The December 2012 NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan showed a map of Inner City “growth precincts” on page 114. While some areas on the map had been announced for redevelopment such as the Frasers Central Park, North Eveleigh and Redfern Waterloo public housing estates, others like the Darlington Conservation area, East Chippendale and part of Redfern east of the railway line were new. Was the state government telegraphing the long-expected southward growth of the city? Would property speculation follow?

Both the former SMDA (Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority) and Council have now advised that the map in question was not adequately labelled. It actually shows growth in travel zones, which are statistical precincts used by the Bureau of Transport Statistics for transport modelling and for the Household Travel Survey. The proposed growth of North Eveleigh is shown across the whole of the Darlington travel zone in which it is located. Similarly, East Chippendale is shown because it is in the same travel zone as Frasers Central Park. REDWatch agrees with Council that the labelling on the map “should have made this clear”.