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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Redfern team set for long haul - 15.01.2005
Work on the $5 billion redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo will begin on Monday, but the governing authority says any physical developments are still a long way off.
Open space to get tighter - 29.11.2004
The residents of Redfern and Waterloo have only half the amount of open space as other inner-city suburbs. But by the time a secret government plan for redevelopment is finished, they will have less than a quarter - because the existing population will have doubled.
Revealed: how Redfern will be reborn - 29.11.2004
The State Government has a $5 billion plan to redevelop Redfern and the surrounding suburbs that involves seizing control of Aboriginal housing on the Block and letting private developers take over two-thirds of the area's public housing estates.
Block talks under way - 04.11.2004
A week after announcing the creation of a powerful new Redfern/Waterloo authority, Energy Minister Frank Sartor begins talks with community groups.
Towers demolished as aid to social levelling - 29.11.2004
The distinctive high-rise public housing towers of Redfern and Waterloo could be pulled down under a $540 million plan that allows private developers to profit from government land.
How they will breathe life into Redfern - 30.11.2004
Two new road tunnels, a $35 million upgrade of Redfern station and a new residential development in the Eveleigh goods yards are central to the State Government's transport plans for the inner-city suburbs.
Major plan to redevelop Redfern - 29.11.2004
The NSW Government has a secret $5 billion plan to redevelop Redfern by seizing control of Aboriginal housing on the Block and letting developers take over two-thirds of the area's public housing estates.
Maximising market value the main game - 29.11.2004
One reason for the secret plan for Redfern is money. The cabinet papers say that the market value of developments in the area is almost $5 billion and almost one third of the land is owned by the Government.
Sartor keeps right to annex land around Redfern - 09.12.2004
The new State Government body that will oversee the redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo will be able to bypass heritage laws and consent to its own development plans despite amendments to the Government's proposals yesterday.
Grand plan to transform suburbs into a new North Sydney - 29.11.2004
Redfern is to become the new North Sydney to take pressure off an overcrowded CBD, according to the NSW Government's grand plan for the area.
Mistrust and hope struggle for a hearing - 30.11.2004
The plan to create a powerful authority to take control of Aboriginal-owned housing at the Block in Redfern would only help a few black people while sweeping aside self-determination, a Sydney indigenous leader has said.
Fixing the Block: $27m development planned - 29.11.2004
A powerful new State Government authority will take control of Aboriginal lands on the "Block" at Redfern for at least 20 years as part of a huge redevelopment plan aimed at fixing social ills and lifting the area's property prices.
Police fined for riot bungle - 07.08.2005
THE NSW police force is facing an embarrassing $800,000 fine for not providing adequate riot gear for officers involved in last year's Redfern riot.
Bold vision for technology park blurred in a haze of debt - 29.11.2004
One of the many things to emerge from the confidential government papers is the financial troubles of the taxpayer-funded experiment, Australian Technology Park.
Redfern and social engineering - 30.11.2004
That a single body through which to control the redevelopment of the vast tract of land through Redfern, Waterloo and Alexandria is a sound idea is unarguable. The central business district is restricted geographically, and ambitious new plans are needed for its future expansion and growth.
Goodbye to history - heritage laws won't apply here - 29.11.2004
History will be swept aside in one of Sydney's oldest areas to clear the way for the massive remaking of 340 hectares of land covering four suburbs under NSW Government plans.
Railway workshops defended as priceless heritage jewel - 30.11.2004
The Eveleigh railway workshops site, which will face development with no heritage protection once it moves under the control of the new Redfern-Waterloo Authority, has been described as "an industrial icon for NSW and Australia".
Redfern changes the first of many under growth plan - 01.12.2004
The State Government is considering setting up a body to take charge of some of Sydney's run-down corridors and employment and industrial centres as it fine tunes plans to cope with the city's projected growth.
Action group wants law to ensure rights for residents - 01.12.2004
A residents' action group has called for the state upper house to tighten legislation next week handing one NSW minister sweeping powers over planning in Redfern-Waterloo, saying there are fears that people living there will be stripped of rights enjoyed by residents of local government-controlled areas.
State significant: another step in redistribution of powers - 29.11.2004
The State Government's plans to rejuvenate the troubled inner-city suburbs reveal a broader agenda to strip planning powers from local councils in specific areas or along corridors that it thinks need renewal.
Government, developers threaten Redfern Block - 08.12.2004
The inner-city suburbs of Redfern and Waterloo, home to the Australian Heritage-listed Redfern Block, which has historically been a centre of Black empowerment and organising, faces a $5 billion state government “redevelopment”. The plan involves seizing control of the Block and letting private developers take over two-thirds of the area’s public housing estates.
Secret business puts a community at risk - 29.11.2004
The Redfern-Waterloo Authority Bill gives one minister immense power, writes Elizabeth Farrelly.
Senior police face WorkCover inquiry
Two of the state's most senior police officers have faced a WorkCover investigation into allegations they failed to properly equip police sent to a riot in Redfern. More than 40 police and 10 residents were injured during the February riot.
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Will bulldozers make it better? - 18.02.2004
Blame the people, blame the politicians, blame the buildings. Elizabeth Farrelly wonders if architectural change offers any hope for Redfern.
Redfern revamp: Sartor seeks $36m - 11.04.2005
The two-month-old Redfern-Waterloo Authority, charged with redeveloping dilapidated inner-Sydney suburbs, is facing a $28 million cash-flow crisis because its original budget was flawed and "too optimistic".
Tough-talking Sartor targets the Block - 11.03.2005
They say Frank Sartor has a good chance of being the next premier of NSW. He certainly talks the right way. Tough. Last week he was reported as saying there would be no more Aborigines in Redfern.
Open for Inspection: MP's visit Redfern landmarks - 01.06.2005
The REDWatch bus tour gave NSW Parliamentarians the chance to visit historic buildings in Redfern and Waterloo that could be sold to fund the State Government's redevelopment of the area. Parked outside Parliament on the 4th May, all State politicians had been invited to take the trip. Labor MP for Heffron Kristina Keneally, NSW Greens Leader Lee Rhiannon, and NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale, boarded the bus. Two other Labor MPs and the Member for Bligh, Clover Moore, apologised for their absence. The bus visited public assets that the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) is likely to sell, including the Redfern School, the previous 'Police Station, and Courthouse sites, as well as the Rachel Forster Hospital
Sartor keeps right to annex land around Redfern - 09.12.2004
The new State Government body that will oversee the redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo will be able to bypass heritage laws and consent to its own development plans despite amendments to the Government's proposals yesterday.
Your courthouse will just have to go: minister
The historic Redfern courthouse will be shut down by early next year because it is unworkable, lacks security and is too expensive to upgrade.
Labor councillors want to limit Sartor power - 07.12.2004
Labor councillors have rebelled against the NSW Government's plans for Redfern and Waterloo, attending a residents' protest against the proposed redevelopment.
Redfern Station a Public Private Partnership - 01.03.2004
The Parliamentary Transport Secretary recently told the Herald that the upgrade of Redfern station (Which as we reported last month won’t start until at least 2010) will be a public private public partnership.
Tower tenants knocked back to make way for high-flyers - 02.12.2004
The 530 public housing tenants who live in the twin 30-storey towers Turanga and Matavai, which the Government plans to demolish in its grand redevelopment scheme for Redfern-Waterloo, are all aged over 55.
Frank Sartor addresses public housing tenants
South Sydney Herald August 2005 page 4 by Darcy Byrne
Anger at secret plan to bulldoze Redfern tower
Residents of one of Sydney's most controversial buildings took to the streets today to protest over secret NSW government plans to bulldoze their home.
New Redfern policing package needs more Aboriginal strategies
Very few Aboriginal strategies as set out in the Aboriginal Strategic Directions policy have been included in the recent Government package of 32 strategies and initiatives for enhancing policing in Redfern, writes Geoffrey Turnbull.
Residents protest Carr's Redfern-Waterloo plan - 15.12.2004
On December 6, 300 people rallied in the inner-city suburb of Redfern to protest against the sale of Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) land and the local public school under the NSW Labor government plan to extend the city's commercial business district out to Sydney Airport.
Aborigines plan protest over Redfern 'land grab' - 02.12.2004
Aborigines today pledged to adopt the tactics of human rights campaigners Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr to stop a plan to redevelop some of Sydney's most troubled areas.
Sacred land and official secrets 15.07.2005
In the early 1970s, many Aboriginal people living in Sydney were homeless and there was a serious overcrowding of what housing did exist. With no permanent housing they constantly faced eviction and racial discrimination in the private rent market. As a result of this lack of affordable housing, a group of Aboriginal people squatted in empty terraces on Louis Street in Redfern, in December 1972.
Alan Jones throws his support behind The Block's Pemulwuy Project - 01.09.2005
Alan Jones, 2GB broadcaster, has met with the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) and thrown his support behind their Pemulwuy Project. The project aims to replace deteriorated terrace housing on the Block with 62 new homes the South Sydney Herald September 2005 reports.
Deal to boost indigenous jobs in Redfern Waterloo - 15.07.2005
Peta Fitzgerald Southside News Issue 3/2005 page 10 reports. An agreement between the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) and the main construction union has been reached in a bid to improve employment for Redfern's indigenous community.
Better urban design can bring community together - 01.12.2004
Redfern-Waterloo provides a chance for smarter urban regeneration, writes Caroline Pidcock. Caroline Pidcock is NSW president of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.
Fear for future of historic court - 15.07.2005
The closure and uncertain future of their 19th century courthouse has left Redfern people very unhappy. ELIAS JAHSHAN and NAMI KWON report. (Southside News Issue 3/2005 page 9)
Price of revamp - Authority to consult on new social agenda - 13.04.2005
Alexandra Walker in the SydneyCentral Courier reports that Amid media reports of financial uncertainty, the Redfern-Waterloo Authority has begun its community consultation process, holding meetings to discuss the future of human services in the area. Reports surfaced on Monday that the authority is facing a financial crisis that will require it to seek loans of up to $36 million.
Oval debate goes one more round - 15.07.2005
Jane Shields in Southside News Issue 3/2005 Page 31 reports.
No Black Faces on the Block? - May 2005
The Carr Government’s plans for the rundown suburb of Redfern are yet to be revealed, but anyone taking a white brush to the black heart of Sydney is surely in for a fight. MARNI CORDELL reports on the battle for Redfern-Waterloo.
Taking a bite out of the Big Apple
Inner City Sydney may become Manhattan down under. REPORT KIRSTEN CRAZE & ALEXANDRA WALKER report in Central Courier 3rd February 2005 on a recent report from the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.
Showcase for brilliance - except at making money - 21.12.2004
By Debra Jopson in SMH of December 21, 2004 reports on the Australian Technology Park.
Land and secrets on The Block - 15.07.2005
On May 25, a map of Redfern Waterloo was published in the Government Gazette. It showed areas declared state significant within Redfern and Waterloo boundaries and included The Block - land privately owned by the Aboriginal Housing Company. Gazetting means planning and compulsory acquisition powers will now move to the recently established Redfern Waterloo Authority. Government documents show control of The Block was always central to the $5 billion redevelopment plan for the area. SAMANTHA DERRICK reports for Southside News (Issue 3/2005 Pages 13-14.)
Safety risk stops rail apartments - 04.12.2004
Anne Davies, State Political Editor of the SMH reports that: As Sydney grapples with how to accommodate its future population, a report to RailCorp has warned that building residential apartments over railway lines is "inherently problematic", could pose safety risks and inhibit growth of the rail network.
Pemulwuy inspires battle for The Block - 15.07.2005
Pemulwuy was the Rainbow Warrior who in the late 1700s united Aboriginal clans to resist the British. This earned him the reputation as the most famous freedom fighter in Aboriginal history. Another battle is now brewing - this time between the NSW Government and the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC). The company has a plan to redevelop its prime land, The Block in Redfern. The Government has a plan to take over that development. Samantha Derrick Southside News Issue 3/2005 page 15.
Friend or foe Sartor has final say - 15.07.2005
New South Wales Labor MP Frank Ernest Sartor, in his early years as a Sydney City councillor, described The Block in Redfern as: "the most difficult problem I have ever had to deal with". Today, as a minister, he heads the Redfern Waterloo Authority. JOE CORREY profiles the man who now has extraordinary power to change all of Redfern not just its notorious streets. (Southside News Issue 3/2005 pages 12-13)
How Moore's ‘kinda’onside with RWA - 15.07.2005
The support of Sydney's Lord Mayor is vital for the success of the Redfern Waterloo redevelopment plan. But as DHEEPTHI NAMASIVAYAM finds out its not guaranteed. (Southside News issue 3/2005 page 10)
New corporate park 'no threat' to Redfern facility
New South Wales Premier Bob Carr says a new corporate park he will open in Sydney's east today does not pose a threat to the financially troubled Australian Technology Park at Redfern.
What is the Pemulwuy Project?
Many references are made these days to the Pemulwuy Project. For those who haven't access to its website, here is a summary of the plans which was published in the South Sydney Herald September 2005.
Redeveloping The Block: the battle drags on - April 2005 SSH
Negotiations between the Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) and the Redfern Waterloo Authority have come to a standstill because of a failure to agree on what is a sustainable future for The Block. The AHC is committed to the Pemulwuy Redevelopment Project, which would replace deteriorated terrace housing on the Block with 62 homes in a low-rise apartment complex.
The Block under threat, says AHC - 31.05.2005
THE NSW government is making a land grab for the Sydney Aboriginal housing estate known as The Block in order to "cleanse" the area of indigenous people, a peak Aboriginal housing group says.
Is Sartor taking the Micky? - 07.09.2005
It's open-letter season on the future of The Block. Report Alexandra Walker in Sydney Central Courier
Sartor refuses to budge on the Block - 29.08.05
Tim Dick SMH Urban Affairs Reporter reports. In Frank Sartor's future for Redfern, everything is negotiable. Except the Block.
Burn to douse Redfern - 07.09.2005
From the Inner West's Burwood to Inner City Redfern, Superintendent Catherine Burn takes up the fight. Report Cara Davis in September 7th 2005 Sydney Central Courier.
Sartor must change or stand aside - 21st September 2005
Redfern Aboriginal Authority Media Release
Joining Forces for Redfern
Plans for redeveloping The Block are engaging politicians from all sides. Report Alexandra Walker in Sydney Central Wednesday April 6 2005 Page 10
Open letter from Michael Mundine to Frank Sartor Minister for Redfern Waterloo - 07.09.2005
The following open letter appeared as an Exlcusive in Sydney Central Courier on 7th Septemeber 2005 in response to an open letter from Redfern Waterloo Minister Frank Sartor.
SMH Letters 7th-11tt March 2005
Following the SMH article "Hardly a black face on the Block - Sartor's vision for Redfern", there were a number of letters criticval of the Minister. On March 8th the Minister replied followed by Michael Mundine CEO of the AHC on March 11th. The letters that appeared in the SMH are below.
Hardly a black face on the Block - Sartor's vision for Redfern - 05.03.2005 SMH
On the hottest day last month, the minister responsible for Redfern, Frank Sartor, walked into the offices of the Aboriginal Housing Company and dropped a bombshell: he didn't want any Aboriginal housing on the Block.
Minister Sartor takes planning control of Redfern's Block
A map of Redfern Waterloo has been published in the Government Gazette, which shows the initial areas declared as state significant within the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) boundaries. The map includes private land as well as the publicly owned land which were to pass to the RWA under the provisions of the Redfern Waterloo Act.
The contempt for disrespect - 01.10.2005
ROGER COOMBS in Saturday Interview in the The Daily Telegraph 1st October 2005 reports on Mick Mundine CEO of the Aboriginal Housing Company.
Plans drawn in black and white - 01.10.2005
Elizabeth Farrelly in the SMH reports. There are uncomfortable echoes of the past in the battle over Redfern's future.
Mundine calls for Frank Sartor to step down - 20 September 2005
Aboriginal Housing Company Media Statement
Less traffic, cleaner air, Manhattan vibrancy: these are the benefits of denser living - 03.06.2005
Uncompromising vision is still seen as un-Australian, writes Elizabeth Farrelly.
This media release contains an account of a meeting on 28 September 2005 between the Indigenous Social Justice Association Inc and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Milton Oskopoulos’ Chief of Staff Nathan Rees & Warwick Neilley of the Premier’s Office to talk about the possibility of reopening the Coronial Inquest. In the course of the meeting the statement says: “They then moved to their agenda that involved their wishes to find an organisation that would remove Mick Mundine from the Aboriginal Housing Company and for that organisation to then work with the Government on solving the Block issues.”
Sol Bellear to lead new Aboriginal Authority - 21st September 2005
Redfern Aboriginal Authority Media Release
City Unveils Vision for Redfern - 15 September 2005
City of Sydney Media Release
Vanstone urges RWA and Aboriginal Housing Company to start talking - 4th October 2005
Joseph Correy reports in the The South Sydney Herald October 2005 page 1 that Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Amanda Vanstone, has weighed into the debate about the future of The Block.
History - Built on dreams and flimsy foundations - 7 October 2005
Aborigines want The Block in Redfern to be a tourist attraction. Its past is traced by BOB CHISHOLM in the The Daily Telegraph.
An open letter from Mr Michael Mundine to all of Redfern Waterloo calling for a boycott of Minister Frank Sartor and the RWA - 4th October 2005
By now most people in Redfem and Waterloo have heard about Minister Frank Sartor's racial slur towards me, last week on Koori radio. However, many of you may not have read the full quote. The Minister was speaking about an open reply letter I wrote to him, published in a local newspaper, when he said: "I am glad he wrote this long letter, got him off his backside for a change. He won't like that much but I should say that to him more. Get off your backside Mick and bring your black arse in here to talk to me about it."
Iemma's push for business - 08.10.2005
NSW Premier Morris Iemma has signalled a pro-development push by his Government after conceding that mistakes by predecessor Bob Carr stunted economic growth. Report by Brad Brad Norington and Turi Condon for The Australian.
Claims of plot to 'crucify' Mundine - 9 October 2005
REDFERN Aboriginal elder Mick Mundine yesterday accused operatives from the Iemma Government of attempting to stage a coup against him. Reports Alex Mitchell State Political Editor in the Sun Herald.
Playing the blame game no solution to child abuse - 17.10.2005 SMH
The failings belong more to state and federal government policies, writes Garth Alperstein.
We'll allow more Block houses: Debnam - 06.10.2005
In his first main policy announcement as NSW Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam has guaranteed a plan to build 62 homes for Aborigines at the Block as part of the redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo under a Coalition government.
Mundine removal not on agenda - 12.10.2005
State Government denies it is plotting to unseat Mick Mundine. Report Alexandra Walker SydneyCentral Courier 12 October 2005.
Redfern tour - 06.10.2005
THE Aboriginal Housing Company wants to put decades of violence and drug abuse behind it and turn The Block at Redfern into Sydney's next tourist destination reports Gemma Jones in the Daily Telegraph.
Indigenous hub for Redfern-Waterloo - 31.10.2005
National Indigenous Times Issue 92 reports on Indigenous Enterprise Hub at the RWA's office.
Redfern-Waterloo 'Community Reps' on the Government Payroll - 10.10.2005
The NSW Government has controversially lifted a ban on government employees being appointed by it as community representatives on the Redfern Waterloo Authority, Greens MLC Sylvia Hale said today (Media Release Monday October 10 2005).
Major redevelopment to improve public housing in Waterloo - 25.10.2005
The following Media Release was issued on 25th October by Cherie Burton Minister for Housing concerning a $880,000 conversion of 28 bid sit units in Matavia and Turunga in Phillip Street, Waterloo. The text of the media release follows.
Minister Sartor once again fails to consult community - 31.10.2005
The following Media Release was issued by the Greens MLC Sylvia Hale concerning the RWA anoucement of the sale of Redfern Public School.
Piggins plan appears to be going south - 29.10.2005
South Sydney Leagues club president George Piggins has become increasingly isolated as the City of Sydney Council, the NSW Government, the rich Souths Juniors club and potential buyers Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe all move to kill off his dream of a stadium at Redfern. Reports Roy Masters in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Tunnel trouble will lead to deeper difficulties
The public has become suspicious about public-private partnerships, writes Anne Davies the state political editor of the Herald - SMH November 14, 2005.
Moore Fails the Community South of Cleveland Street -- Again
This Media Release was issued by Kristina Keneally ALP Member for Heffron on 15 November 2005 regarding the City of Sydney decision over Redfern Oval.
Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Comments on the RWA and Redfern Park Upgrade
This media release was issued by Clover Moore in response to criticism of the City of Sydney Council Redfern Oval decision. At the ens of the media release is additional information from the Office of the Lord Mayor: "Redfern Oval - Souths History" (regarding Council's historical dealings with Souths over the Oval), "Redfern Park is Central to the lives of all Residents" (Notes on Souths and the Oval decisions)and "The Real Story on the PCYC Scenario" (concerning the location of PCYC).
Why the Rabbitohs need to return to Redfern Oval
By Rob Welsh, Chairperson, Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council
Redfern Oval : A Good & Healthy Compromise
This media release was issued by Ian Thomson on behalf of Open Up Redfern Park, the community grtoup that has been campaigning for the Oval to be oppened up to community use.
Red and green staring at amber
Souths fans say they're the bunnies in the council's oval plan, writes Bonnie Malkin. SMH November 24, 2005
Rabbitohs' model is Collingwood
The actor Russell Crowe (pictured) drew businessman Peter Holmes a Court to the Rabbitohs, but the Collingwood AFL model led him to Redfern. By Roy Masters SMH November 24, 2005
Crowe offers help in Souths union stoush
Actor and Rabbitohs fan Russell Crowe has offered to meet trade union members face-to-face to try to head off possible green bans against the redevelopment of Redfern Oval. AAP - SMH November 24, 2005 - 5:54PM
Brewery site limits watered down
STRICT planning controls for the city's largest development, the $800 million Carlton and United Brewery site, have been watered down to lure developers to the troubled project. Report by Bonnie Malkin Urban Affairs Reporter SMH December 2, 2005
The Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) has called on the Iemma Government to establish affordable housing targets for all Sydney planning regions by June 2006, following yesterday’s release of City of Cities, A plan for Sydney’s Future. NCOSS Media Release.
Alliance vows to maintain watchdog role on Sydney planning strategy
A unique alliance of the state’s peak interest groups have welcomed today’s release of the 30 year planning strategy for Sydney, vowing to continue to keep the pressure on the NSW Government and act as a watchdog on its delivery.
Peak groups alliance releases scorecard on ‘City of Cities’ planning strategy -06.12.2005.
The following media statement was issued on the Metro Strategy jointly by the Housing Industry Association, NSW Council of Social Services, Property Council of Australia, State Chamber of Commerce (NSW), Total Environment Centre & UnionsNSW.
Govt outlines Redfern jobs plan - ABC 20 December 2005
The New South Wales Government says it hopes to create 18,000 new jobs in the Redfern-Waterloo area during the next decade.