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REDWatch will Join Groundswell

At its monthly meeting on 7 April 2011 REDWatch resolved to formally joins the Groundswell Agency Coalition. It was also resolved that REDWatch members and supporters provide whatever assistance they can to make the Groundswell residents discussion in Redfern and Waterloo successful.

In a statement to the agencies the Groundswell coalition indicated that:

We would like agencies working in Redfern and Waterloo to consider joining the Coalition. This provides for a wide base of organisations supporting residents and takes some pressure off tenant support services specifically funded by Housing NSW that have been absorbing much of the pressure from government and residents to date.

Agencies joining the coalition should be prepared to work with other agencies around the prime focus of supporting and or resourcing Redfern and Waterloo residents. Decisions about support programs coming from the Groundswell discussions with tenants and where they might be best auspiced are to be decided by the Coalition.

The initial Groundswell material was issued without the details of the agencies who were part of the organisations who decided to form the coalition. The statement to agencies said:

You will also notice that we have not added the names of organisations to this initial leaflet. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly we thought the idea should go out without people judging it by what they think about the names of the organisations on the list. Secondly we wanted to provide the opportunity to other organisations working in the area to join the coalition or add their support before a list is made public.

A list of the coalition members is expected to be released following the next meeting of the coalition when all agencies that want to be involved have had the chance to indicate their interest.

Different agencies have different ways of deciding on their involvement. For REDWatch the decision to join the coalition was taken to its monthly members meeting.