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Housing Community Assistance Programme - HCAP

The HCAP Programme is operating from the Factory Community Centre. It has funding until mid 2008. Here you will find some information about the HCAP's programmes.
File Housing Communities Assistance Program (HCAP) 2006 – 2008
The HCAP Programme is now operating from the Factory Community Centre. The information sheet attached provides some background to what HCAP is currently doing. The Redfern and Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Boards produce a bi-monthly newsletter called RedWater News. RedWater is distributed to every household on the Redfern and Waterloo estates. An Editorial Committee made up of tenants, the HCAP worker, and the worker from the University of New South Wales Community Development Project produce the newsletter. RedWater News publishes articles of interest to tenants including local tenant initiatives, tenancy issues, tenant profiles, local events and activities. Please contact Orna Marks, the acting HCAP worker if have any suggestions for RedWater news.
HCAP Supported Community Meetings and Projects through 2008
This letter from HCAP invites the community to be involved in in activities arround Redfern Waterloo Public Housing and is reproduced here to help spread the word about local activities that people be involved in.