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Parkway Proposal - a green off-road pedestrian-cycle route through Chippendale

The Parkway proposal was presented at a Chippendale Community Meeting on 2 August 2006. The Parkway is a concept plan for a green off-road pedestrian-cycle route through Chippendale. It is a series of green links through local neighbourhoods - taking you from the City & east Darling Harbour to Alexandria, Newtown and the Australian Technology Park through Chippendale, with an east - west axis taking you from Glebe to the University of NSW. This is achieved through the recreation of green space and public domain opportunities – either through footpath extensions or dedicated off-road opportunities, reducing through traffic and prioritising pedestrian and cycle movement, where possible.
The Parkway + the City’s draft cycle strategy
These are background notes on the Parkway prepared by the Combined Chippendale Community Groups to encourage feedback on the Parkway proposal.
File Parkway Presentation
This is a 761 Kb PDF of the presentation made to the Chippendale Community meeting on August 2 2006.
File Council's proposed Bike Masterplan with Parkway imposed.
This is a copy of Council’s proposed Bike Masterplan – which is due to go on exhibition shortly for public comment. The green routes show RTA cycle paths, the blue routes show Council’s proposed cycle paths (to the year 2016). Here, Council’s plan shows the absence of routes locally, ie through Chippendale, Darlington and the Block. It should be noted the proposed cycle route via the CUB site to Prince Alfred Park is noted as a longer term option and is subject to STA approval. The concept plan for the Parkway is indicated in red, to allow comparison with the City’s proposal. Please note this plan is in the concept stage – finetuning may follow after feedback from various stakeholders including local communities and cycle groups. File is 366 Kb JPG.