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About the REDWatch Website

REDWatch is a community group which covers the Sydney suburbs of Redfern Eveleigh Darlington and Waterloo. These suburbs make up what the NSW Government generally refers to as Redfern - Waterloo. The area has been subject to various NSW Government bodies including the Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project, the Redfern Waterloo Authority and currently the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority. It has has its own Government Minister from 2004 to 2011 and interventions have included removing planning responsibilities from City of Sydney Council and having place specific interventions on human services, infrastructure and employment.
REDWatch exists to monitor Government involvement in our area and to push for outcomes that benefit the community and not just the Government. 

This site is not just about REDWatch. It brings together information concerning the community from Government reports, the media and local email updates to provide a community information resource for those wanting to know what is happening in the area and why it is happening. We have added a lot of historical information so the community can be reminded of what we have been promised at various points of time.

Over time the events we have documented have themselves become history and the site offers a virtual resource center for both residents and academics. Each government intervention has had its own website from which material disappears or is relocated over time and with the demise of organisations this results in links to external websites that no longer work.

Redesigns on the ATP website in 2012 and the pulling down of the RWA website in May 2012 have resulted in many links no longer functioning. In many cases REDWatch has also placed the documents referred to on the REDWatch website. We hold a mirror copy of the final RWA website and may hold copies of other files referred to on this site.

Material on the site has been put together so you get a description of the topics in a report without having to open it. Using the search bar in the top right hand corner of the page will enable you to quickly find material without having to pick your way through each section of the site.

New Material is being added as it becomes available. The most Recent additions can easily be located in Recent Changes or by establishing an RSS feed to any part of the site. If you find material that we should include on the site or provide a link to please email us your suggestions.

For translation to languages other than English copy into one of these web translators or visit our translation tools page. We can not guarantee the accuracy of any web translation but it may be better than nothing.

REDWatch meets at 6:00pm on the 1st Thursday of the month at the Factory Community Centre, 67 Raglan Street Waterloo. REDWatch also has working groups that meet at other times during the month.

REDWatch is also on Social media: Our Facebook is at and Twitter -

REDWatch can be contacted through Geoff Turnbull
phone: (02) 8004 1490
address: c/- PO Box 1567 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia

For further information and to join REDWatch email lists go to contacts page .