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Submissions to Inquiry on Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage

This is a list of the submissions made to the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage. This list is based on the Inquiry's website. Submissions which are on the Inquiry website have the link to the submission built in to the Submission number and name and show the size of the file. Text after the submission indicates the document is in PDF text form and Scan indicates the document is a photo scan with no text and hence is not searchable and is not suitable for coping text from the submission. [ Please Note any quoting of text from submissions is not covered by Parliamentary Privilege and you may be open to defamation - see the Inquiry website for details]. The document should open in a new window.


If you are having problems with any of the above links go directly to the Inquiry’s website at or the list of submission(s) published by the committee in relation to this inquiry.