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NSW Government

The NSW Government owns about one third of the land area of Redfern Waterloo. The NSW Government is also involed in delivering Human Services into the area inparticular into the areas of high disadvantage. The Premiers Department's Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project operated in the area from 2001 - 2005 attempting to bring the various Government Departments together to address the needs of the Redfern Waterloo communities.
Premier Carr on Future of Redfern
Extract of Speech by NSW Premier Bob Carr at The Committee for Sydney Forum on Sydney 19th February 2004. In talking about future growth centres in Sydney the Premier made the following observations on where he saw Redfern going in the next 25 years.
NSW Government Report to Inquiry into issues relating to Redfern Waterloo
The NSW Government Report to the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues "Inquiry into issues relating to Redfern and Waterloo" provided the only comprehensive report on the Government's activities in Redfern Waterloo. In the absence of the draft RED Strategy this report provided some indication of the NSW Government thinking about the area.
Morgan Disney Report on Human Services
Morgan Disney & Associates undertook an Inquiry into Human Services in Redfern Waterloo for the RWPP in early 2004. The report was presented to the Legislative Council Inquiry in to Redfern Waterloo and its key recomenmdations were accepted by the Government as the way forward for Human Services in Redfern Waterloo. The work of the Human Services Advisory Committee and the Cluster Groups in 2005 were part of the implimentation of the morgan Disney report.
The RED Strategy
Consultation for the RED Strategy was started in June 2003 by Cox Richardson for the RWPP. When the consultation ended in December 2003 the community was told it would be considered by the NSW Government and then come back for further community consultation before going to the local council for consideration. Instead in late 2004 the NSW Government announced the establishment of the RWA. Neither the Draft RED Stategy nor the reports from the various consultants have been released by the Government despite numerous requests that this information be released to inform community discussion about the RWA and the proposed Redfern Waterloo Plan.
NSW Cabinet
The decision to establish the RWA and a number of other decisions flowing from the RED Strategy and RWPP's activities were made by NSW Cabinet. In November 2004 some cabinet documents were leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald and these provided a rare glimpse of the Governments Plans for Redfern Waterloo. In the absence of the RED Strategy consultation reports this is one of the few sources of information about the options considered by the Government.
NSW Police & Redfern Local Area Command
The Redfern LAC came under scrutiny following 15-16 February 2004 clashes between local aboriginal youths and the Police following the death of the aboriginal youth off his bike. There were a number of inquiries into the incidents surrounding these events and we have provided details of these here.
Inquest into the death of Thomas James Hickey
The death of T.J Hicky was the spark for the Civil Unrest of 15-16 February 2004. There was much interest in the Inquest into the death by the NSW State Coroner. The findings of the Inquest can be found below. These findings have not been accepted by the family and a campaign continues to reopen the Coronial Inquest.
The Metro Strategy
"City of Cities - A Plan for Sydney's Future" is the final component of the Metropolitan Strategy, the NSW Government's 25 year plan for Sydney. It was released on 4th December 2005. Here we provide links to the documents and material that relates to Redfern Waterloo
A New Planning System for NSW 2013
Following a Green Paper in 2012 the NSW Government released their White Paper "A New Planning System for NSW" in April 2013. Here we have collected information about the new planning system including details on the 2013 Draft Metro Strategy which will become the Regional Plan for Sydney and its subregions which will become the sub-regional plans
Understanding the NSW Ministerial and Departmental reshuffle of 19 December 2021
The December 2021 reshuffle of the NSW Perrottet Government has seen also a realignment of some parts of Government as well as changes in the responsible Ministers. Here we have collected information to make it easier for people to find which minister has responsibility for what.