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New Redfern policing package needs more Aboriginal strategies

Very few Aboriginal strategies as set out in the Aboriginal Strategic Directions policy have been included in the recent Government package of 32 strategies and initiatives for enhancing policing in Redfern, writes Geoffrey Turnbull.

The NSW Police policy "Aboriginal Strategic Direction 2003-2006" sets out principles and strategies for improving the understanding and interaction of police, at all levels, with Aboriginal communities. It includes ongoing advisory mechanisms, addressing Aboriginal legal issues and the establishment of a Local Area Command (LAC) "Aboriginal Action Plan" in consultation with the local Aboriginal community.


Very few of the Aboriginal strategies are included in the NSW Police's "32 strategies and initiatives to improve policing in Redfern"! Much more emphasis should have been given to the implementation of NSW Police's existing policy in which the Commissioner states "NSW Police considers that the solutions for many of the problems confronting Aboriginal people are best identified by the community and resolved through a working partnership."


Under the Aboriginal Strategic Directions all police sent to Redfern LAC, including the 50 announced recently must be the "right people for the job" and meet the requirements set out in the Aboriginal policy document.

one of these requirements is that "All new officers posted to the Command ... spend two weeks working with an Aboriginal community organisation or appropriate service provider prior to the operational placement."


The Commissioner needs to ensure that the "Aboriginal Strategic Direction 2003-2006" is implemented promptly for the Redfern LAC including in the appointment process of the new officers he announced in late July 2004.


The South Sydney Herald August 2004 Geoffrey Turnbull