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LAHC post zoning planning.

With the exhibition for Waterloo South finalised in the first half of 2022 Land and Housing Corporation are starting the tendering process and planning for the early stages of the redevelopment of the Waterloo public housing estate. This includes contamination drilling on Waterloo South expected in August 2022 and planning for relocations and project delivery. LAHC are responsible during this stage of the redevelopment until contracts are entered into with a development consortium involving a developer, financing and a Community Housing Provider (CHP) that will run the new social housing. This section of the website deals with announcements and activities relating to this part of the redevelopment process.
LAHC statement on the Waterloo redevelopment post exhibition
In late June 2022 the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) briefed Waterloo tenant representatives and agencies about LAHCs decision to proceed with the redevelopment. These briefings were not made public and more details will be released in the near future. On 30 June 2022, REDWatch requested a statement of what LAHC could say at that time to the wider community. This statement is below. A newsletter to all Waterloo tenants will advise the community in early July.
LAHC Submission to DPE PPA on Waterloo South
Mid 2022 the zoning for Waterloo had not been finalised. This submission for the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) on the Waterloo Rezoning provides an insight into how LAHC view the exhibited proposal and the changes they would like to see made. While the zoning is expected to be finalised around the end of 2022 it would still be possible for LAHC to revisit the new controls and argue for changes at the Development Application stage.
LAHC Search for renewal partner for Waterloo Estate
Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) issues the following statement in their news section on 7 July 2022 announcing the launch of the EOI process for the redevelopment of Waterloo South and the option to redevelop the rest of the Waterloo Estate. The EOI is inviting interested parties, who must include a developer and a registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider but may also include non-CHP members such as builders or investors. The tender summary says "LAHC is also seeking excellence in the long-term management of social housing residents and assets, including the provision of wrap around services to residents that improves their social and economic wellbeing. In addition, LAHC is focused on ensuring that the needs and ambitions of the Waterloo Aboriginal community are specifically addressed and advanced through the Waterloo Renewal Project". The tender documents are not assessible to the public and tenants, only to potential tenders under a confidentiality agreement.
File Waterloo Renewal Project Update Newsletter - July 2022
This is a PDF copy of the Newsletter to public housing tenants distributed on 13 July 2022 advising tenants that LAHC is taking the next steps to the renewal of the Waterloo Estate. It sets out a timeframe and process for the appointment of a developer and Community Housing consortium to redevelop Waterloo South and potentially the balance of the estate. It also provides an indication on timeframes for relocations with currently none expected before 2024. This newsletter also has a section on DCJ Housing's approach to Anti-Social Behaviour an an details on Counterpoint and the Waterloo Redevelopment Group. File is 474 KB PDF.
File LAHC "Moving to Delivery" presentation to REDWatch 4 August 2022
This presentation was made to a REDWatch meeting on 4 August 2022. It mirrors earlier LAHC presentations to the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board (NAB) the Waterloo Redevelopment Group (WRG) and Non Government Organisations. In affirms LAHC's decision to proceed with the Waterloo South Redevelopment as the first stage of the Waterloo Estate redevelopment. It sets out the areas that LAHC will be focusing on over the next year or two until a developer is in place and concrete development application (DA) plans for the Waterloo South precinct are ready for exhibition. The schedule includes refining precinct outcomes, relocation planning, human services and social sustainability, place making and outcomes for Aboriginal people and the procurement of of development partners.
Image LAHC focus areas for implementation of Waterloo redevelopment
This is one page from the LAHC presentation to REDWatch on "Moving to delivery" that sets out LAHCs focus now that the planning proposal rezoning exhibition has finished. The schedule includes refining precinct outcomes, relocation planning, human services and social sustainability, place making and outcomes for Aboriginal people and the procurement of of development partners.
Link to Waterloo Planning Controls
This website has a section dealing with the Planning Proposal / Rezoning application at www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/Waterloo/South/wsexhibit This link will take you to the proposed planning controls as modified after the exhibition
Simon Newport New Chief Executive of NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC)
Simon Newport was named as the new Chief Executive of LAHC on 9 August 2022. The announcement was made by NSW Department of Planning and Environment Secretary Mick Cassel who up until is appointment of Department Secretary headed the Land and Housing Corporation. The text of the Departmental release is below.
Examining LAHC’s claims about the social objectives of estate renewal
As LAHC moves to implementing its decision to redevelop the Waterloo Estate, the social objectives claimed for the redevelopment and what is needed to deliver them becomes a focus. In this paper Dr Alistair Sisson, an academic in the field examines LAHC’s claims about the social objectives of estate renewal.
File LAHC Briefing on "People and Place" framework for Waterloo
This presentation was given to REDWatch on 6 October 2022 by LAHC. The Presentation sets out the approach being taken by LAHC to community consultations about the "people" aspects of the Waterloo Estate redevelopment that LAHC want to provide to potential development partners including the CHP that will handle the social housing that will replace the existing DCJ Housing run public housing. The presentation a "deep dive" on the consultations four focus areas: Connecting with Country; Place Making; Human Services and Relocations and Support. The presentation also provides an expected time frame for the framework against the project procurement and relocations milestones.
Mirvac, Lendlease, Stockland, Frasers shortlisted for Waterloo South
Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has announced the short list of four developer consortiums to be considered to redevelop the Waterloo Public Housing Estate. These developers will now submit proposals for the redevelopment next year before the list is reduced to two bidders before a final decision late in 2023.
Waterloo Planning Controls Finalised
The Department of Planning have approved the planning controls for Waterloo South following the rezoning exhibition. The details of the rezoning and approved controsl are in the post below. The approval was notified on November 10 2022.
File Waterloo Renewal Project Update - December 2022
This update includes a LAHC update on the rezoning outcome, the shortlisting of consortiums for the waterloo Redevelopment, a project Planning timeline, the proposed infrastructure agreement between LAHC and Council, community consultations and support during relocations. It also includes a section from DCJ Housing about the introduction of the new Housing Practice Standards that are to guide DCJ Housing staff in their dealing with tenants.
File Waterloo South Signed VPA with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overlay
The Waterloo South Voluntary Planning Agreement released for the public exhibition was a scanned copy which means that it is not searchable. For a legal document that keeps referring to other parts of the document this is difficult to follow if you can't search the document. REDWatch has run an optical character recognition program across the document and made a searchable text overlay. This process is not perfect especially when the original document has scan marks so the text overlay may not be 100% accurate. If you are using this document you should check the underlying scan to be sure that the OCR text is correct.