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The State Budget – a good one

At last a mostly good State Budget! It spends up big on infrastructure across the state and locally reports Trevor Davies in the Have you Heard Column in the July 2007 South Sydney Herald.

$3.5 million for the new Redfern/Waterloo Community Health Centre is one of the local highlights in the Iemma Government’s second Budget delivered today, Kristina Keneally told the South Sydney Herald. “This Budget meets the Government’s election commitment to improve and expand the public services working families rely on.” The inner city will benefit from the acquisition of 260 new buses for the Sydney metropolitan and outer metropolitan areas in 2007/08, and planning for the Easy Access upgrade of Sydenham Station.

There will be an investment of $13 million for the supply of new public housing and upgrading of existing public housing as well as $1 million for feasibility work to begin the upgrade of Redfern Station. $1.9 million has been assigned to improve child and adolescent mental health in-patient services at Sydney Children's Hospital.

Source: South Sydney Herald July 2007

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