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This directory shows up the most recent 80 changes to the REDWatch website. By visiting this page you can see what has recently been added on the site and if you use the RSS feed you can have the changes delivered to you when they occur. -- Please note any modification made to a page on the site is reflected here be it change of document type or correction of a spelling error or link. We show all changes as only this way will significant changes to exisitng pages also be notified when changes are made --.
Locomotive Workshop redevelopment SSDAs - Exhibition until 15 Dec 2017
Mirvac originally split its proposal for the Locomotive Workshop into two but the Department of Planning has placed both the Mirvac DAs on exhibition together. There are differences between the documents as they deal with different ends of Loco. The Bays 1-5 DA deals with the heritage Bays 1 & 2, the proposed retail and the impact of the proposed supermarket on heritage. Bays 6-16 deal with the commercial end of the development. The issues related to the movable heritage collection and how the development deals with the heritage fabric of the buildings goes across both DAs.
Proforma for Locomotive Workshop DA Objection
The below proforma submission has been put together by ARAG based on material supplied to REDWatch. Please take what you find useful, express it in your own words and then make your submission on the major Projects portal.
Locomotive Workshop Redevelopment
Mirvac have placed on exhibition a proposal to redevelop the Locomotive Workshop at the Australian Technology Park Eveleigh. Here we have gathered some information about this proposal and the community and heritage concerns about the proposal.
File Waterloo Public Housing Renewal - Exisiting Property official ocupation
Land and Housing has supplied REDWatch with a breakdown of the existing tenancies across its housing stock in the area covered by the proposed master plan. The figures provide some incomplete details of not only the tenants but also some aspects of their support needs. It should be noted that these are official figures. It is widely recognise that there are many occupants in the estate that are not officially on the LAHC records. These however are the official LAHC demographics.
Waterloo Public Housing Renewal - Exisiting Property sizes
Land and Housing has supplied REDWatch with a breakdown of the existing housing stock in the area covered by the proposed master plan. The figures show how many of different size units currently exist on the various blocs and buildings. This information is of interest because there is concern that one possible outcome will be the rentention of the same number of front doors but that the unit size will shrink.
Image LAHC Block nubers for Dwellings Table
File Works start at Waterloo Station - Dropin 28 Oct 2017
This leaflet was distributed by Sydney Metro City and Southwest on 24 October 2017 and it sets out the work expected on the site for the coming three months and annouces a Community Connect Session Waterloo Station site office, corner of Wellington Street and Botany Road, Waterloo. When: Saturday 28 October. Time: 9am – 11am (drop in anytime) for a tea or coffee.
File The meeting schedule for Waterloo 2017 Visioning
This is the public schedule for Visioning meetings for the Waterloo master plan in 2017. Aditional meetings are being organisaed for Aboriginal organisations and for youth which are not on this schedule.
File October 2017 Metro Waterloo Update
This leaflet was distributed by Sydney Metro City and Southwest on 5 October 2017 and it sets out the work expected on the site for the coming three months.
Link to online Visioning Survey
Land and Housing Corporation have posted an online survey on their Communities Plus website. This is the same survey they encourage people to take at popups and drop in sessions.
No Redfern Station in Future Transport 2056 - TfNSW until 3 Dec
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance released the Future Transport 2056 draft strategy alongside the release of the Greater Sydney Commission’s draft Greater Sydney Region Plan – the first time long-term planning and transport have been done in direct collaboration. Future Transport 2056 is a comprehensive strategy to ensure the way we travel is more personal, integrated, accessible, safe, reliable and sustainable. There are three parts to the strategy; programs that are committed to or funded by the NSW Government over the next ten years; projects that are under investigation and visionary projects in the 20 year plus timeframe that are being identified now for future consideration as our population grows. The only mention of Redfern Station is on the main web page whch says "Redfern Station was upgraded to improve access for customers. The project included a new lift to platforms 6 and 7, a new section of canopy providing sheltered access to the lift, and new CCTV, lighting and fencing around the lift area." The draft Future Transport 2056 strategy will be open for comment until December 3.
Our Greater Sydney 2056 - GSC to 15 Dec
Our Greater Sydney 2056– A Metropolis of Three Cities (draft Greater Sydney Region Plan), launched in conjunction with Transport for NSW’s draft Future Transport 2056 strategy will reshape Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities – Eastern, Central and Western, rebalancing it, fostering jobs, improving housing affordability, easing congestion and enhancing our enviable natural environment. You can read the plan and provide your feedback through the lonk below. You can also register for community events and online discussion forums. The draft plan will be on exhibition till the 15 December 2017
Government Undertakings
This article was run in Inner Sydney Voice's Redeveloping Waterloo public housing edition. It sets out what was provided to tenants at the beginning of the visioning process.
ISV's what we know about the Waterloo Redevelopment
Inner Sydney Voice produced an overview of the master planning process in their Redeveloping Waterloo Public Housing edition. You can see the details about the process here
Master Planning Engagement
Here we have pulled together information about community engagement during the Waterloo Master Plan
Master Plan Visioning
Here we have collected information relating to the Waterloo master plan visioning conducted in October and November 2017.
Consultants and Studies
Land and Housing Corporation have on their Waterloo Communities Plus website the details of the consultants undertaking their studies as well as details about the scope of the various studies. Below are links to the current studies. There have been changes to the consultants undertaking some studies since the project details were initially posted.
Who’s Who in Waterloo?
This is an overview of the major government, non-government and community organisations and projects around the Waterloo master planning. It was prepared by Geoff Turnbull for the special editon of Inner Sydney Voice on on Redeveloping Waterloo Public Housing. This version updates earlier Who's Whos that have appeared on the REDWatch website and in the South Sydney Herald.
Special ISV on Redeveloping Waterloo Public Housing
Inner Sydney Voice produced a special edition of their magazine for the Waterloo master planing. Copies were distributed to all public tenants in the area proposed to be redeveloped. This issue both provides background to the proposed master planning as well as articles on the issues that will need to be considered. This is a PDF of this issue of PDF.
File Community Plus Waterloo Newsletter October 2017
Land and Housing Corporation's Communities Plus issued a newsletter on 05 October 2017 advising the Waterloo community of the commencement of community engagement around the master planning with the start of Visioning activities. This email sets out background to the master planning process.
File September 2017 Metro Waterloo Update
This leaflet was distributed by Sydney Metro City and Southwest on 29 September 2017 and it sets out the work expected on the site for the coming three months.
REDWatch Co-ordination Group Report for 2016-2017
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