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REDWatch likely to oppose Waterloo Master Plan over Human Services
This is a series of items taken from the REDWatch Email Update on 3 February 2020. The linked items deal with REDWatch concerns that with the LAHC's master plan being finalised that the promised Human Services Plan has not be developed with the community to sit alongside the built form master plan. Here you can read of REDWatch's experience in trying to get a Human Services Plan for Waterloo public housing tenants and the reason why REDWatch will likely oppose the Waterloo Master Plan when it finally goes on exhibition.
File DRAFT - Waterloo Impact Project Mapping Local Client Referrals and Agency Services Coordination
This is a Draft report and feedback is being requested. The Waterloo Impact Project explored local perceptions to establish what views existed around the local client referral system and coordination between agencies, both government and non-government, and the needs for any improvement. The consultation consisted of interviews and focus groups with residents and agencies. These conversations highlighted a belief that there is a fragmentation of services and a widespread of imprecise understanding of what organisations are funded to deliver. Service users argue this has resulted in poor outcomes for referrals and service delivery. Meanwhile, services highlighted ongoing resource challenges to meet those needs. This is despite of the diversity of service providers in the area by both government and nongovernment service providers.
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