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This directory shows up the most recent 80 changes to the REDWatch website. By visiting this page you can see what has recently been added on the site and if you use the RSS feed you can have the changes delivered to you when they occur. -- Please note any modification made to a page on the site is reflected here be it change of document type or correction of a spelling error or link. We show all changes as only this way will significant changes to exisitng pages also be notified when changes are made --.
File REDWatch Submission on Large Erecting Shop (LES)
This is a copy of the REDWatch LES submission of 24 November 2022. Given that the site has not yet been transferred to Mirvac and there are a number of NSW Government players involved and their decisions will impact the final site outcome, REDWatch have raised a number of these issues in its submission. Some of which will be outside the direct scope of the rezoning but will impact upon the final outcome for the LES redevelopment and on what should be acceptable additional floor space within the LES.
Large Erecting Shop rezoning proposal Exhibition until 24 Nov 2022
The Department of Planning and Environment have a rezoning proposal for the Large Erecting Shop (LES) on exhibition now until 24 November. This exhibition is about changing the planning controls that apply to this site prior to what is proposed to be a State Significant Development Application (SSDA) that will deal with the detailed design. REDWatch only learnt about this exhibition on 4 November evening and it was supposed to end 10th November. REDWatch has not had time to dig into all the documents. Below is a quick guide to the key issues REDWatch is aware of.
File City of Sydney Submission on Large Erecting Shop Rezoning Proposal
This is a copy of the City of Sydney's submission Large Erecting Shop Rezoning Proposal. This submission was posted prior to submissions closing on 24 November 2022 to encourage residents to consider the issues and to make an informed submission on the rezoning.
REDWatch Update on LES Exhibition until 24 November
This update was provided in the REDWatch email update on 15 November 2022 to provide additional information about REDWatch's concerns over the Large Erecting Shop Exhibition.
Mirvac, Lendlease, Stockland, Frasers shortlisted for Waterloo South
Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has announced the short list of four developer consortiums to be considered to redevelop the Waterloo Public Housing Estate. These developers will now submit proposals for the redevelopment next year before the list is reduced to two bidders before a final decision late in 2023.
Waterloo Planning Controls Finalised
The Department of Planning have approved the planning controls for Waterloo South following the rezoning exhibition. The details of the rezoning and approved controsl are in the post below. The approval was notified on November 10 2022.
Image Eveleigh Link Bridge - North Eveleigh Bates Smart Page 324
In the Urban Design Study there is the single page assessment of a pedestrian link bridge between North and South Eveleigh. The last sentence below says: (Detailed consideration is outside the project scope and does not have NSW Government funding). Interestingly in the Large Erecting Shop (LES) rezoning by TAHE / TfNSW / Mirvac where the bridge is suggested to land from the North Eveleigh documents there is no similar mention of the feasibility of the connecting bridge. In fact there is no mention at all of a possible connection.
Build a Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge
A connection between North Eveleigh and South Eveleigh was mooted by the RWA in 2006 and funds collected towards it but no bridge has eventuated. REDWatch tried to to get one of the two bridges the RWA wanted built into the new Redfern Station Southern Concourse. REDWatch with ARAG and FOE have also been pushing for a bridge connecting Carriageworks to South Eveleigh near the Large Erecting Shop. Even though TAHE are commercialising both sides of the line they have declined to provide a bridge reconnecting the two sides of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. THis section is about the Bridge.
RNE Place Design and Strategic Vision 2020-21
During August 2020 Transport for NSW undertook a Place Design Forum for Redfern North Eveleigh. This informed a Strategic Vision that was exhibited in April 2021 and informed the State Significant Applications. This section of the REDWatch website covers these activities.
File Potential Clothing Store and Park Charette Outcome
In October 2022 the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) and Transport for NSW held a Charette (Planning Workshop) with some local representatives and representatives from different parts of government. The Charette outcome is being used to inform developers of some of the possibilities for the park and the Clothing Store building during the Expressions of Interest process to find a developer. This is the report from the Charette. Further consultation will take place for planning the Park, The Clothing Store and the buildings proposed on the site,
Media Release - Paint Shop Precinct - More Key Worker Housing for Redfern
Minister Robert Stokes has announced that Expressions of Interest (EOI) have been called for the redevelopment of the Clothing Store sub-precinct of Redfern North Eveleigh. The redevelopment is to provide build to rent accommodation on a 99 year ground lease with Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) retaining land ownership. The media release of 17 November 2022 is below.
Clothing Store Sub-Precinct Redevelopment
Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) called for Expressions of Interest for the redevelopment of the Clothing Store Precinct on 17 November 2022. This section of the website deals with the redevelopment of this part of the Redfern North Eveleigh site.
File DPE Response to Waterloo Redevelopment Tenant-Only Subgroup letter
On 21 Septembers Waterloo Redevelopment Tenant-Only Subgroup sent a letter to the Planning Minister raising their concerns about how submissions were handled. This is the reply on behalf of the minister from the department of Planning and Environment of 17 October.
File Tenant-Only Subgroup letter to Minister about Waterloo (South) Exhibition
Waterloo Redevelopment Tenant-Only Subgroup of the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board has been vocal about their dissatisfaction with DPE's response to submissions of Waterloo South and has requested that their concerns be formally submitted to the Minister. This is the letter sent at their request.
Green light for Waterloo South Rezoning - Media Release
This media release from Anthony Roberts (Minister for Planning, Minister for Homes) and Natasha Maclaren-Jones (Minister for Families and Communities, Minister for Disability Services) was issued on 11 November 2022 to announce the finalisation of the planning controls for Waterloo South.
File LAHC Briefing on "People and Place" framework for Waterloo
This presentation was given to REDWatch on 6 October 2022 by LAHC. The Presentation sets out the approach being taken by LAHC to community consultations about the "people" aspects of the Waterloo Estate redevelopment that LAHC want to provide to potential development partners including the CHP that will handle the social housing that will replace the existing DCJ Housing run public housing. The presentation a "deep dive" on the consultations four focus areas: Connecting with Country; Place Making; Human Services and Relocations and Support. The presentation also provides an expected time frame for the framework against the project procurement and relocations milestones.
ALP 2022 State Conference Resolution on Public Housing
The resolution below was considered by NSW ALP Conference on Sunday 16 October 2022. The motion was strengthened by an amendment from the floor to remove the Words "in principle" from the motion so the final wording was that the motion was supported by the Conference.
Examining LAHC’s claims about the social objectives of estate renewal
As LAHC moves to implementing its decision to redevelop the Waterloo Estate, the social objectives claimed for the redevelopment and what is needed to deliver them becomes a focus. In this paper Dr Alistair Sisson, an academic in the field examines LAHC’s claims about the social objectives of estate renewal.
File Shelter NSW submission on Paint Shop Proposal
This is the submission from Shelter NSW on the North Eveleigh Paint Shop Precinct Rezoning proposal. The submission proposes that there should be more social and affordable housing in the redevelopment and opposes the sell off of public lands.
Michael Mobbs Submission on Paint Shop Precinct dealing with climate issues
Is climate pollution from the NSW government’s proposed development on 10 hectares of public land near Sydney’s CBD creating an ‘urban coal mine”? On 5 April 2022, United Nations scientists told us we have 30 months left to stop polluting Earth if we’re to prevent or reduce the collapsing climate. From this August, we have 27 months left. Earth won’t wait for anyone. To honour Earth, respond to the U.N. timetable and for my own self-respect I’ve made a submission about the draft plan
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