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This directory shows up the most recent 80 changes to the REDWatch website. By visiting this page you can see what has recently been added on the site and if you use the RSS feed you can have the changes delivered to you when they occur. -- Please note any modification made to a page on the site is reflected here be it change of document type or correction of a spelling error or link. We show all changes as only this way will significant changes to exisitng pages also be notified when changes are made --.
Waterloo Metro Heritage Viewing - 10 Feb 2018 Feb 10, 2018 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM Waterloo Metro Site Waterloo,
A heritage viewing of the Metro Waterloo site is being held on Saturday 10 February between 2pm and 4pm. Their heritage consultant will be present to describe the finds and answer any questions. Interested parties need to RSVP to as spaces are limited.
File State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study Requirements for Elizabeth St Redfern
On 31st January the Department of Planning issued the State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study Requirements for Elizabeth St Redfern public housing land next to and including Redfern PCYC. The precinct will now be investigated for rezoning through the State Significant Precinct process. These requirements was prepared with support from the City of Sydney and state government agencies. FACS will undertake these studies, consulting with the community at key stages. FACS will then prepare a proposal which will be lodged with the Department for review. Initial reviews will be carried out to ensure that the requirements for each study have been met, before the study is publicly exhibited. In the next stage of the process, the Department will publicly exhibit the proposal and residents will be encouraged to have their say on the planning future of their community.
File Sydney Metro Presentation on Waterloo Station Construction - 1 Feb 2018
This presentation was made by the construction company John Holland for Sydney Metro about the construction of the tunnels and Waterloo Station box. It was delivered at the REDWatch forum on 1st February 2018 and maps out the timeline for work on the Waterloo Station site.
File January 2018 Metro Waterloo Update
This leaflet was distributed by Sydney Metro City and Southwest on 30 January 2018 and it sets out the work expected on the site for the coming months.
Human Services in Redfern and Waterloo: A potted history listing of plans, interventions, activities, consultations and reports
This listing is prepared to provide an overview of key announcements and activities relating to Human Services in Redfern and Waterloo. It is not exhaustive and generally reflects what was known publically. Most projects were announced and not evaluated or ceased for one reason or another. Future Human Services planning should be aware of the earlier work in the area and learn as much as possible from it. Here we have not tried to draw out those lessons just construct an overview of what has gone before. Where reports or further information is available we have provided links or indicated that reports or resources are available.
File Waterloo Low Rise Building Safety Audit 2015
This is a copy of the June 2015 Waterloo Low Rise Building Safety Audit report is released, conducted by Waterloo Neighbourhood Board lead by Counterpoint
File Waterloo Safety Audit report 2012
his is a copy of the 2012 Waterloo Safety Audit report is released, conducted by Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board lead by City of Sydney Council
File LAHC Masterplan display boards used during visioning
These are the boards that are displayed during the Visioning that set out key messages from LAHC for the development. The boards deal with the indicative time frame for the redevelopment precinct and the planning process. It also deals with the drivers and aims of the redevelopment and what that means for public housing residents as well as the objectives of the Waterloos State Significant Precinct.
File Favicon
File December 2017 Metro Waterloo Update
This leaflet was distributed by Sydney Metro City and Southwest on 5 December 2017 and it sets out the work expected on the site for the coming months.
Request for Human Services Case Studies
It is proposed that there will be a meeting of NGO Executive Officers and senior representatives from different Human Service departments in February 2018 to start work on a Waterloo Human Services Plan. In the lead up to this Michael Shreenan wrote to NGOs on behalf of Counterpoint, REDWatch, Groundswell and Inner Sydney Voice on 7 December 2017 asking for case study input. Below is the letter sent out. We are looking for feedback by Friday 19th January 2018.
File Case Study Template for Human Services Plannning
This is a MS Word template that may be useful in documenting systemic issues in Waterloo. It has been adapted from Scotland Citizens Advice model to encourage reporting of systemic issues case studies in the lead up to a meeting between NGOs and Government Departments in February 2018. If you do not find the template helpful for your issuer then please write your case study up in a manner that you find covers your issue.
File Draft Social Policy: How Does it Impact My Client, My Service and My Role?
This is a draft of Social Policy: How Does it Impact My Client, My Service and My Role? It has been adapted from Scotland Citizens Advice model to encourage people to think about systemic issues and how and why they should be identified. This has been put together to assist interested people put together examples of systemic issues they and their agencies currently face in Waterloo that could be addressed through a Waterloo Human Services Plan.
REDWatch Request to FACS for Human Services Plan
The email below (which has been slightly altered for the website) was sent to the FACS Deputy Secretaries responsible for FACS Housing at Waterloo and FACS Land and Housing Corporation and FACS Secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter. It provides an outline of a long push to get Human Services on the agenda alongside the Waterloo Master Plan.
Human Service Plan Goals from REDWatch Perspective
REDWatch has been involved in a few meetings with Land and Housing Corporation about the shape of a human services plan for Waterloo. The document below has been provided to LAHC as an indication of some of the systemic issues that REDWatch wants to see addressed in a Waterloo Human Services Plan.
Can the people problems be fixed by estate redevelopment?
Estate renewal and housing mix is portrayed by government as a fix-all for public housing estates. Geoff Turnbull in Inner Sydney Voice magazine asks can new buildings alone really address the problems created when government place people with higher and higher needs into public housing without the wrap around human services necessary for them to keep their tenancies and address their issues.
Waterloo Human Services Plan
As part of the Waterloo SSP redevelopment REDWatch and local agencies pushed for a Human Services Plan to go alongside the built environment master plan. in 2017 FACS LAHC agreed such a plan would be undertaken. Here we have pulled together activities that relate to human service planning in Waterloo.
REDWatch Submission on Locomotive Workshops SSDAs
Below is a copy of the REDWatch submission to The Department of Planning and Environment regarding Mirvac's proposed redevelopment of the ATP Locomotive Workshop.
Elizabeith Street SSDA
Elizabeth Street Redfern was declared a State Significant Precinct on Sept 9 2017. The area declared is the vacant block next to the PCYC and the PCYC itself. Here you can finds oout about this development as it unfolds.
Elizabeth Street Redfern Developer Registration of Interest 20 Dec 2017
Minister Prue Goward visited Redfern on Wednesday 20 December 2017 to announce a Registration of Interest (ROI) process to speed up the proposed redevelopment of The Elizabeth Street Redfern public housing.
Elizabeth Street Redfern Declared State Significant Precinct on Sept 9 2017
On September 9 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment declared 600-660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern a potential State Significant Precinct (SSP), in order to set new planning controls.
Locomotive Workshop redevelopment SSDAs - Exhibition until 15 Dec 2017
Mirvac originally split its proposal for the Locomotive Workshop into two but the Department of Planning has placed both the Mirvac DAs on exhibition together. There are differences between the documents as they deal with different ends of Loco. The Bays 1-5 DA deals with the heritage Bays 1 & 2, the proposed retail and the impact of the proposed supermarket on heritage. Bays 6-16 deal with the commercial end of the development. The issues related to the movable heritage collection and how the development deals with the heritage fabric of the buildings goes across both DAs.
Image Proposed Loading Bay Access to Locomotive Workshop
This shows the proposed route for Loading Bay Access to the ATP Locomotive Workshop. The location of the loading bay brings trucks into Innovation Plaza and along the main pedestrian access.
Image Locomotive Workshop Proposed Ground Floor Use
This is the proposed ground floor usage in Mirvac's redevelopment of the ATP Locomotive Workshop at Eveleigh.
Proforma Submission for Locomotive Workshop DA Objection
The below proforma submission has been put together by ARAG based on material supplied to REDWatch. Please take what you find useful, express it in your own words and then make your submission on the major Projects portal.
Locomotive Workshop Redevelopment
Mirvac have placed on exhibition a proposal to redevelop the Locomotive Workshop at the Australian Technology Park Eveleigh. Here we have gathered some information about this proposal and the community and heritage concerns about the proposal.
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