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This directory shows up the most recent 80 changes to the REDWatch website. By visiting this page you can see what has recently been added on the site and if you use the RSS feed you can have the changes delivered to you when they occur. -- Please note any modification made to a page on the site is reflected here be it change of document type or correction of a spelling error or link. We show all changes as only this way will significant changes to exisitng pages also be notified when changes are made --.
Labor Party approach to public, social and affordable housing
The Labor Shadow Minister for Housing Rose Jackson, spoke to the REDWatch forum on Public, Affordable and Social Housing on February 2 2023 from notes. Rose has supplied the link to the ALP Housing Policy. As many in our local community have an interest in social and affordable housing we have also provided a link to the NSW Labor State Confernece resolution on public housing and other material on ALP housing announcements.
Greens Party approach to public, social and affordable housing
The Greens Housing Spokesperson and member for Newtown Jenny Leong spoke to the REDWatch forum on Public, Affordable and Social Housing on February 2 2023 from notes and has provided the following links to the Greens Housing policy for the 2023 NSW Election.
Lord Mayor Paint Shop Precinct Announcement letter to residents.
Clover Moore has written to local residents on 14 March 2023, to make them aware of the rezoning outcome for the North Eveleigh Paint Shop Precinct. With the decision just before caretaker period the government will not be leafleting residents to let them know the outcome. Council has stepped into the void to make sure residents know what has been decided. The text of Clover's letter is below:
Image Artist Impression modified proposal - View from Redfern
Image Artist Impression modified proposal for the Paint Shop
Image Artist impression of amended proposal for North Eveleigh Paint Shop Extension
DPE Media release on North Eveleigh announcements - 7 May 2023
This media release was issued by Robert Stokes and Anthony Roberts on 7 March 2023 regarding the rezoning of the North Eveleigh Paint Shop Precinct and the shortlisting of developers for the North Eveleigh Clothing Store precinct.
North Eveleigh Clothing Store Precinct - Four Proponents Short listed
In a media release on 7 March 2023 regarding North Eveleigh generally it was announced that four proponents have been shortlisted to deliver build-to-rent housing on the Clothing Store sub-precinct. An extract from the media release is below as it deals with the Clothing Store Precinct. The full media statement is in the Paint Shop Precinct section.
File Bridge Housing Presentation on Elizabeth Street
On 2 March 2023 Bridge Housing and Capella Capital presented to REDWatch on their plans for the 600-660 Elizabeth St Redfern Communities Plus site. This presentation has been updated on the one shown to clarify a couple of questions that came up during and after the presentation.
Liberal Party approach to public, social and affordable housing
This is the text of a speech prepared by The Hon. Chris Rath MLC, representing the Liberal party, made to the REDWatch forum on Public, Affordable and Social Housing on February 2 2023.
State Election – March 25th 2023
In the lead up to the 2023 NSW election, REDWatch held a forum on public, social and affordable housing policy. Representatives from the Liberal, Labor and Green parties participated. REDWatch offered the candidates the opportunity to place details of their policies on our website or to link to their policies. This is what we received.
File TfNSW March 2023 - What we’ve heard & Where we’re heading Vision document
Paint Shop Sub-Precinct: Rezoning Proposal Approval - What we’ve heard & Where we’re heading (PDF, 989.13 KB). This updated vision document appeared on the TfNSW website prior to caretaker mode provisions coming into effect.
File TfNSW Newsletter March 2023 on Paint Shop Rezoning
Community newsletter: Approval of the Paint Shop Sub-Precinct Rezoning Proposal (PDF, 1.4 MB). This newsletter was not letterboxed due to the determination falling within the period that TfNSW was unable to spend money on advertising. It appeared on the TfNSW website prior to caretaker mode provisions coming into effect.
Paint Shop Precinct Rezoning Determination
The Paint Shop Precinct Planning Controls have been finalised and posted late on Friday 24 February on both the Department of Planning and Environment’s Paint Shop Exhibition page and on the legislation website.
File Diagrams from the Paint Shop Determination
This is an extract of the figures that show the amended proposal from the DPE Determination report. In the absence of the amended planning control maps and the TfNSW Response to Submissions, these are the only graphics that show some aspects of the amended proposal. PDF
Image Fig 13b Amended TfNSW Proposal Paint Shop Precinct North Eveleigh - master plan layout
This is the amended proposal permitted by the the Paint Shop Precinct in mater plan format for the rezoning determined on 24 February 2023.
Image Fig 13a Amended TfNSW Proposal Paint Shop Precinct North Eveleigh - Artist Impression
This is an artist impression of the amended proposal permitted by the the Paint Shop Precinct rezoning determined on 24 February 2023. Please note the final designs of the buildings will be determined at Development Application stage.
Chief Mechanical Engineers Building (CME) SSDA Exhibition - extension until 28 February 2023 if by email
--- ALERT : REDWATCH HAS BEEN ADVISED THAT DUE TO LATE RELEASE OF THE CMP DOCUMENTS THAT SUBMISSIONS WILL BE RECEIVED UP UNTIL 28 FEBUARY IF SENT BY EMAIL TO THE PLANNER. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS MAKING A LATE SUBMISSION EMAIL US AT MAIL@REDWATCH.ORG.AU --- The Transport Asset Management Entity (TAHE) and Transport for NSW (TfNSW), which are handling the redevelopment of Redfern North Eveleigh, have put forward a proposal for the adaptive reuse of Chief Mechanical Engineers building on Wilson Street. The proposal is on exhibition through the NSW Major Projects portal until 21 February 2023.
Chief Mechanical Engineers (CME) Building Conservation Management Plan (CMP) Released
Just as the CME development application exhibition is closing, Transport for NSW has released the key document that should have been available from the beginning - the CME building's Conservation Management Plan (CMP). Here we provide direct links to the four CMP documents released.
Bridge Housing wins on 600-660 Elizabeth Street and flips 70:30 model
Bridge Housing and Capella Capital were announced on 23 January 2023 as the successful tenders of the Elizabeth Street public housing site which also included the PCYC. Below is how REDWatch unpacked the announcement in our email update. This post details the announcement, some history on the site and what has been learnt about to consortiums plans for the site.
NSW State Election: Public, Social and Affordable Housing Policies of the Major Parties 6pm Thursday 2 February 2023 Feb 02, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM The Factory Community Centre 67 Raglan Street Waterloo,
On Thursday February 2, REDWatch will facilitate a discussion on public, social and affordable housing policy with representatives of the major NSW political parties and NSW's peak housing body Shelter NSW.
File Waterloo South Signed VPA with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overlay
The Waterloo South Voluntary Planning Agreement released for the public exhibition was a scanned copy which means that it is not searchable. For a legal document that keeps referring to other parts of the document this is difficult to follow if you can't search the document. REDWatch has run an optical character recognition program across the document and made a searchable text overlay. This process is not perfect especially when the original document has scan marks so the text overlay may not be 100% accurate. If you are using this document you should check the underlying scan to be sure that the OCR text is correct.
File NSW State Election: Public, Social and Affordable Housing Policies of the Major Parties - Poster 2 Feb 2023
Presentations by: Greens NSW, Jenny Leong MP; Labor NSW, Rose Jackson MLC; Liberals NSW – Chris Rath MLC; Shelter NSW – Cathy Callaghan; Followed by Q&A
Elizabeth Street Redfern Development - Bridge Housing and Capella Capital successful tenderers
Minister Anthony Roberts dropped the announcement to the Sydney Morning Herald for 23 January 2023. Below is the subsequent media release from the Minister and a link to the SMH article and other comment.
Bridge Housing flips NSW Government 30:70 model in Redfern Development
In a statement on the Bridge Housing website about their success in gaining the rights to develop 600-660 Elizabeth Street, LAHC get there 100 social housing units but there will only be a similar number of market homes. Bridge as the developer say they will also deliver around 100 affordable homes as well as 11 specialist disability homes and new offices for Bridge Housing. The statement on the Bridge Housing website is reproduced below:
File Bridge Housing Fact Sheet on Elizabeth Street, Redfern Redevelopment
In addition to a statement on its website at, Bridge Housing has issued this factsheet on the 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern development. The fact sheet commits to 10% of all of Bridge Housing’s allocation of homes will be dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants. The fact sheet also states the development will include "3,500sqm of community space as a hub for local services, potentially including the PCYC subject to funding, and Bridge Housing’s new head office with community meeting space."
Image Bridge Housing - successful pitch for 600-660 Elizabeth Street
This is one of the illustrations released from Bridge Housing by Anthony Roberts on 23 January 2023 announcing Bridge Housing and Capella Capital (part owned by Lend Lease) are the sucessful tenderers for the redevelopment of LAHC owned land opposite Redfern Oval.
Redevelopment of Elizabeth Street, Redfern will be a sell off of public land for private profit - Jenny Leong Response
This is a media statement by Greens Housing Spokesperson and local MP Jenny Leong to Minister Anthony Roberts announcement of the successful tender for 600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern.
Clover Moore letter to Planning and Shadow Planning Ministers on Explorer Street Eveleigh
In line with the Council resolution from the end of 2022, on 17 January 2023 the Lord Mayor of Sydney has written to Minister Roberts and Mr Paul Scully, MP regarding Explorer Street Eveleigh being taken from Council planning control. The text of the letters are below.
Use of Innovation Plaza as external Brewdog pub seating – Exhibition until 20 January
The approval for permanent use of Innovation Plaza for this use is currently on exhibition as a State Significant Development Modification (Mod 11) for the Locomotive Workshops rather than a DA through Council. The long term use proposal is on exhibition until January Friday 20 January 2023.
File Council Submission on Innovation Plaza Seating Exhibition until 20 Jan 2023
In its submission on the Brewdog pub seating in Innovation Plaza Council raises a number of concerns including about its impact operating after 10pm at night. This submission has been made public to assist those making submissions to be aware of the Council's technical concerns.
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