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This directory shows up the most recent 80 changes to the REDWatch website. By visiting this page you can see what has recently been added on the site and if you use the RSS feed you can have the changes delivered to you when they occur. -- Please note any modification made to a page on the site is reflected here be it change of document type or correction of a spelling error or link. We show all changes as only this way will significant changes to exisitng pages also be notified when changes are made --.
REDWatch Comments on CME ROI
The following comments were made by REDWatch to the news of the CME ROI.
Chief Mechanical Engineers Building
The Chief Mechanical Engineers Building sits on Wilson Street as a part of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. Under Urbangrowth NSW the exterior underwent heritage restoration. In 2022 Transport for NSW announced that they had called for Registration of Interest for organisations interested in the occupation of the CME's building. This section of the website deals with the CME building which is on the state heritage register.
REDWatch comments on LES use by Mirvac
Mirvac held two two information sessions on the future of the Large Erecting Shop (LES) on 31 May and 1 June 2022 about their pre-planning for the redevelopment of the South Eveleigh Large Erecting Shop. Below is the background to this development prepared by REDWatch.
Study Requirements for the Rezoning of the South Eveleigh Train Workshop (Large Erecting Shop)
This link provides the study requirements for the rezoning studies required by the Department of Planning and Environment to rezone the Large Erecting Shop which is on the state heritage register as the South Eveleigh Train Workshop.
South Eveleigh Train Workshop Redevelopment (Large Erecting Shop)
In June 2022 Mirvac did a pre-lodgement consultation for a rezoning of the Large Erecting Shop which has been renamed the "South Eveleigh Train Workshop". This section deals with the redevelopment of this heritage site. The rezoning is being down by Transport for NSW on behalf of Mirvac. The site has been used as an operational and restoration base for heritage locomotives and trains since it became the operational base for 3801 Ltd. Mirvac secured first rights on the site should it become surplus to Transport for NSW needs. This transfer is being planned as the site still contains important state heritage assets.
LAHC Submission to DPE PPA on Waterloo South
Mid 2022 the zoning for Waterloo had not been finalised. This submission for the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) on the Waterloo Rezoning provides an insight into how LAHC view the exhibited proposal and the changes they would like to see made. While the zoning is expected to be finalised around the end of 2022 it would still be possible for LAHC to revisit the new controls and argue for changes at the Development Application stage.
LAHC statement on the Waterloo redevelopment post exhibition
In late June 2022 the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) briefed Waterloo tenant representatives and agencies about LAHCs decision to proceed with the redevelopment. These briefings were not made public and more details will be released in the near future. On 30 June 2022, REDWatch requested a statement of what LAHC could say at that time to the wider community. This statement is below. A newsletter to all Waterloo tenants will advise the community in early July.
LAHC post zoning planning.
With the exhibition for Waterloo South finalised in the first half of 2022 Land and Housing Corporation are starting the tendering process and planning for the early stages of the redevelopment of the Waterloo public housing estate. This includes contamination drilling on Waterloo South expected in August 2022 and planning for relocations and project delivery. LAHC are responsible during this stage of the redevelopment until contracts are entered into with a development consortium involving a developer, financing and a Community Housing Provider (CHP) that will run the new social housing. This section of the website deals with announcements and activities relating to this part of the redevelopment process.
File LAHC Submission to DPE PPA on Waterloo South
This is the Land and Housing Corporation submission on Waterloo South which has been extracted from pages 490 to 511 of the large consolidated submission file. It has to be remembered that while the land that is being rezoned was mainly LAHC owed land, the proposal exhibited was based on an increased City of Sydney Council proposal. In its submission LAHC argues for nine changes to the planning proposal and its controls. The changes requested include removing the mandate for a certain proportion of social housing; adopting a larger floor plate for the towers; validating that the controls can deliver 255,000 sqm Gross Floor Area and that this floorspace and the 10% increase can be accommodated within the planning controls; Adopting a simpler process for design excellence with competitions for the towers and a design excellence strategy for the rest of the buildings; create a site specific DA in the place of the design guide based on consultants SJB report; and remove the requirement for a Concept DA by adopting a site specific DA.
File Waterloo South Submission Index
This index is to the Waterloo South submissions file which is a single 554 page PDF file (26.4 MB) available through the Department of planning and Environments Waterloo South Exhibition page at The index is designed to help people easily locate submissions that might be of interest. If you find any errors in the file or have suggestions for improvement please email
Waterloo South 2022 Planning Proposal submissions to DPE
The Waterloo South submissions are now public. The Department of Planning and Environment Proposal Authority has put all the submissions into one large PDF file of 554 pages (26.4 MB) which can be downloaded from the exhibition site. REDWatch has prepared a separate index to submissions, which is in this section of the website, to help people to quickly find key submissions that may be of interest.
Image Social Impacts in Waterloo South!
The discussion about the need for a Social Impact Study for Waterloo (South) has inspired Geoffrey Atherden to produce this great cartoon on social impacts and why they might catch you unaware. Image Copyright © Geoffrey Atherden.
File Waterloo South Submission from Eddie Ma from Vigilanti
This is the Waterloo South Planning Proposal submission by Eddie Ma from Vigilanti
File Shelter NSW Submission on Waterloo South
This is a copy of the Waterloo (South) Planning Proposal submission made by Shelter (NSW).
REDWatch Submission on Planning Proposal Waterloo Estate (South) PP-2021-3265
Below is the text of the REDWatch submission on the Waterloo South Planning Proposal made on 29 April 2022. The links at the top will take you to the relevant part of the REDWatch submission.
Do your submission Now: Waterloo South Submissions close Friday 29 at midnight!
A request for an extension by Council to extend the exhibition has been rejected by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) Planning Proposal Authority (PPA).The deadline for submissions remains midnight Friday 29th April 2022.
File Counterpoint Final Submission on Waterloo South
Counterpoint Community Services has finalised its submission on Waterloo South after taking feedback from the Waterloo Redevelopment Group and the community more widely. This is their submission as made to the department of Planning and Environment.
REDWatch Waterloo South suggested submission points
As part of the Submission writing workshop for Waterloo public housing tenants on 22 April 2022, REDWatch prepared some submission points dealing with issues identified during the exhibition period that tenants may want to include in addition to their own observations and comments. These points have been provided for consideration in peoples submissions.
Make a Waterloo South Submission by 29 April 2022
Members of the Community are encouraged to make a submission on the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. In doing so it is important that they respond to what is actually on exhibition rather than to the lower density proposal indicated by the support material circulated as part of the exhibition.
File Council Submission on Waterloo South
This is a copy of the submitted version of the City of Sydney Council Waterloo South submission. A simple summary can be found in the Council presentation to REDWatch on April 7. This is an important read for anyone making a submission as Council identified that the density (number of dwellings) being disclosed by the DPE Planning Proposal Authority was in fact the minimum likely to be delivered and that the 10% allowed for the design excellence increase is to be additional rather than capped within the stated floor space. The likely outcome is expected to be between 3300 and 3400 depending on unit size not the 3012 referred to in the exhibition material. The increase in the size of the development only became public at the beginning of April as a result of the Council analysis. The PPA continue to use the lower minimum dwelling numbers in their presentations. Council in their draft submission have said this increase in density has not been properly disclosed or tested and Council have questioned if the increase will fit within the planning envelopes exhibited. There is no assessment for example of the impact of the PPE proposal on streets, parks and courtyards. People making submission are encouraged to also read the Council submission rather than take the exhibited material at face value.
File Need for a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for waterloo South
This submission has been made by Alison Ziller to DPE regarding the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. Alison is a specialist in SIAs and teaches a specialist social impact assessment course as part of Macquarie’s planning degrees. Alison has made her submission available early to help those making submissions understand the importance and role of a SIA. In her submission Alison Ziller points out that Council check list required an ‘outline of likely impacts’ on relevant communities and ‘a plan to reduce negative impacts’ but that Council then accepted the Social Sustainability Report LAHC had already prepared even though it did not include this analysis. As a result issues which would normally central to a SIA were not undertaken and the potential negatiuve impacts were not assessed or proposals for mitigation advanced. Alison Ziller's submission requests the Planning Proposal Authority to undertake a SIA before determining the planning proposal.
File Council Presentation to REDWatch on Waterloo South Planning Proposal
On Thursday 7 April 2022 Council staff presented their analysis of the Waterloo South planning proposal to a REDWatch meeting. The analysis compares the exhibited proposal to the Council's proposal prior to modification by the Department of Planning. One of the major take outs was that the exhibited proposal was 10% larger than the community has been lead to believe and that the changes to the proposal including the impact of the extra 10% had not been assessed or disclosed in the in the documents used to explain the planning proposal. The key elements of the Council submission are summarised in this presentation and are important reading for those making submissions about Waterloo South.
Safety Considerations in Waterloo South Planning Proposal
The following analysis has been provided by a safety consultant to help people to help people understand the safety and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) issues raised by the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. IMPORTANT UPDATE - DPE advised the Waterloo Redevelopment Group on 20 April 2022 that they were commissioning a CPTED study on the proposal as part of their assessment.
REDWatch Update on Waterloo South Issues - 7 April 2022
This REDWatch Update was part of a REDWatch email circulated prior to the REDWatch meeting on 7 April 2022. It sets out REDWatch's concerns about the Waterloo Planning Proposal on exhibition at that date.
REDWatch on Council's Draft Waterloo South Submission
REDWatch wrote to Councillors of the City of Sydney regarding the draft submission being considered by Council Committee on 4 April 2022. Prior to this being considered by the Council meeting of 11 April 2022, council officers responded to the issues raised. REDWatch responded again to Councillors on 11 April. As a result of this correspondence and discussions between Councillors, Council passed an improved Waterloo South motion moved by the Lord Mayor and seconded by Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore. Below is the text of the original email posted on 4 April, with council officer’s response (in italics) and REDWatch’s reply now inserted (bold italics) as well as the Council Resolution outcome. Hopefully this information will help inform people’s submissions on this project. We have broken the correspondence up by issues for ease of reference.
REDWatch Meeting Today 7 April 6pm - The Mood: Thoughts, Issues and Possible Responses to the Waterloo South Planning Proposal. Apr 07, 2022 from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM The Factory Community Centre 67 Raglan Street Waterloo,
The meeting will hear an online update by Peter John Cantrell from the City of Sydney on Council’s recent analysis of the proposal, including that the proposal is bigger than disclosed by DPE (see later in this update). There will also be an update of community responses and the emerging issues. A panel will try to encourage discussion, answer questions and suggest areas for submissions to cover.
File Groundswell seeks expert input for Waterloo South
The Groundswell agencies have written to academics and planning specialists asking them to support public housing tenants by making expert comment on the Waterloo Planning proposal. While public tenants bring their expertise from living and knowing a location, academics and specialists often know the finer detail that is import for planning authorities to consider. Both kinds of input are important for Waterloo. This letter has been sent out by the Groundswell agencies to their contacts and they are encouraging everyone to make a submission and share it if possible.
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