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Redfern Legal Centre helping young tenants

With the start of the university year approaching, many young students will be leaving home for the first time, often into shared housing reports this media statement from Office of Fair Trading on 19 February 2008.

To assist them in understanding their rights and responsibilities, NSW Fair Trading Minister, Linda Burney, today announced that Redfern Legal Centre will receive $9,856 in funding to promote their Share Housing Survival Guide for tenants.

Ms Burney said the funding, under Fair Trading’s Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Funding Program, will enable Redfern Legal Centre to produce 30,000 free promotional postcards for tenants living in shared housing, who are mainly young people and students.

“The guide provides up-to-date information about share housing laws in NSW,” Ms Burney said.

“Young people in vulnerable housing circumstances will have simple tips at hand to better protect their interests and help them resolve their problems on their own. I am sure many of them are not aware of their rights and responsibilities.”

Ms Burney said using free promotional postcards is effective way to reach this important target group who are the ones most likely to be living in shared accommodation.

“The high visibility of the postcards will ensure that tenants in share housing will be made aware of how to access information about their particular situation,” Ms Burney said.

The Share Housing Survival Guide is a joint project between the University of Sydney’s Students’ Representative Council and the Redfern Legal Centre, jointly funded by Fair Trading and the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.

“Fair Trading’s Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Program supports local projects which involve the development of tenancy information, community education or training resources,” Ms Burney said.

“I am proud to support the Redfern Legal Centre’s promotion of this important initiative which helps empower young tenants to exercise their rights with confidence.”

The Share Housing Survival Guide is available at