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It’s a matter of simple arithmetic. Some people have lots while others have little, in a so-called system of social equality that doesn’t really add up. The 1 House=1000 Homes initiative aims to balance the ledger by enlisting grass-roots NGOs, property-owners and the public to tackle the problem. One of the creators, Mathieu Gallois tells us more Angela Bennetts in City News 19 October 2009…

Why do you think Australia needs a project like this?

I am not sure ‘need’ is the correct word. Over the last two decades, property values in Australian have risen dramatically to the point where we now have some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  In Sydney, the median house price is close to half a million dollars. As a group, we believe that our collective prosperity as a nation comes with responsibilities, and the need for a global perspective on wealth disparity.
What role does the arts have to play in such an initiative?

There is a tradition dating back to the latter half of last century of activist artists pushing and expanding the boundaries of what art can be. These are discussed in Felicity Fenner’s excellent catalogue essay for the exhibition. Our proposal, which goes beyond a critique (in our projects case, of global wealth disparity), and actually proposes to raise funds to address very basic housing needs in poor/underdeveloped countries, we believe is at the cutting edge of contemporary art practice.
Where did the idea spring from?

The idea reflects the themes and concerns of our art and architecture practices – the issues and ideas that concern our project team collectively and as individuals. Personally, I visited Mexico City in the 1980s with my father. The slums that surround Mexico City, which are unavoidable as they surround the city, made an enormous impression on me. There is part of me that is still that ten year old boy who does not understand the enormous disparities of wealth across the globe.

Can our readers get involved?
Yes, anybody can get involved – outlines how Australian can help us reach our target funding amount of 1 million Australian dollars.

Oct 22-Nov 14 (public forum), Performance Space, 245 Wilson St Eveleigh, 8571 9111 or

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