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REDWatch encourages the communities of Redfern Waterloo to use the opportunity elections offer to agitate for improved political commitment to the area and to policy changes that will beneficially impact on the areas communities. REDWatch is made up of people who support all major political parties and none - REDWatch supports no particular party. We do however encourage people to be involved in supporting the candidate and party of their choice and for debate about the areas issues including at election time.
State Election – March 24th 2007
Boundary Changes for the 2007 election will see the State seat of Heffron move north to take in all of Redfern east of the rail corridor and north to Cleveland Street. To the west of the railway corridor the remaining part of Redfern and Darlington will become part of the State seat of Marrickville. The former seat of Bligh (now renamed Sydney) is pushed to the North of Cleveland Street and will no longer cover any of the suburbs of Redfern and Darlington as it did previously. For the 2007 state election REDWatch will concentrate its coverage on the seats of Heffron and Marrickville. Any issues raised in surrounding electorates, or by parities in the upper house not running locally will be either dealt with in the media section of the site or in the general election page. A small map (JPG 94 Kb) of Changes in State Electoral Boundaries for 2007 Election can be found on the REDWatch website at Full details of all boundaries, enrolment procedures etc can be found at .
State Election – March 25th 2023
In the lead up to the 2023 NSW election, REDWatch held a forum on public, social and affordable housing policy. Representatives from the Liberal, Labor and Green parties participated. REDWatch offered the candidates the opportunity to place details of their policies on our website or to link to their policies. This is what we received.