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Local Media

Redfern Waterloo is covered by a free monthly local community newspaper "The South Sydney Herald" as well as a commercial weekly free paper "Central". We carry stories from these sources in the REDWatch media Articles about Redfern Waterloo. Full versions of the papers aree available on their websites.
The South Sydney Herald
The South Sydney Herald is a local Independent paper and has its own website at REDWatch includes articles related to the Redfern Waterloo area in our media coverage and a full copy of the paper can be downloaded in PDF form from the SSH website. As the PDF's are quite large REDWatch has decided to no longer keep back copies of the SSH PDF's. All enquiries regarding back issues of the SSH should be directed to the SSH.
RedWater News
The Redfern and Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Boards produce a bi-monthly newsletter called RedWater News. RedWater is distributed to every household on the Redfern and Waterloo estates and is now also available by email. An Editorial Committee made up of tenants, the HCAP worker, and the worker from the University of New South Wales Community Development Project produce the newsletter. RedWater News publishes articles of interest to tenants including local tenant initiatives, tenancy issues, tenant profiles, local events and activities. The Editorial Committee would be pleased to accept articles or information on your service, advertisements, photos or any other information relevant to public housing tenants in Redfern and Waterloo. For further information contact Orna Marks, Housing Communities Assistance Program (HCAP), The Factory Community Centre 67 Raglan St Waterloo 2017 Ph: 9698-9569 Fax: 9310-4141 Email:
Central - Previously Sydney Central Courier
The Central is available on line each week. You will need to download the DjVu plug-in for your browser (up to 7.4MB depending on your browser) to be able to see the pages on the site but there is a link there when you first visit if you need to load it.