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Irene Doutney in her own words

The following description of Irene Doutney is adapted from her old City of Sydney Council Website and provides a good overview of what Irene stood for.

About Me


My name is Irene Doutney.  I was your Greens representative on City of Sydney Council, having first been elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. I was the Deputy Lord Mayor in 2016.

My main aim on Council was to move our city in a more innovative and socially just direction, particularly in relation to the disadvantaged, the environment and the cohesion of our communities. A just and sustainable future and a city for everyone was my focus.

I was a resident of Sydney, born in Kings Cross – and most recently a public-housing tenant in Redfern. I had been active in my local community as a member of the management committee of the local community centre and the coordinating group of REDWatch, the local resident action group.

I have degrees in History and Fine Art and worked in the theatre, museums and parliament.  The issues of biggest concern to me were:

  • Housing – a fair go for public housing tenants and support for the homeless to get back on their feet.
  • Communities in Control – ensuring that decisions made by Council reflect the will of the community through genuine participation by residents and businesses, rather than simply informing people once decisions have been made.
  • Development – making sure that the excessive influence property developers have over both major political parties doesn’t result in inappropriate development within the City of Sydney.
  • Biodiversity – protecting the amazing array of life that exists in our country, both in natural, wild places and in the highly modified landscapes of our urban environments.
  • LGBTI – end the discrimination that sadly still pervades parts of our society today and make sure that we have a city for everyone, where people of all orientations feel safe anywhere they go.
  • Aboriginal issues – ensuring that Aboriginal Australians have access to all the resources that the population of a wealthy nation like ours take for granted.
You can read more about what Irene did on Council on the above website.