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Vale Ross Smith - Tanya Plibersek in South Sydney Herald

It is with great sadness that last month we lost our friend and comrade Ross Smith.

There is no simple way to describe Ross that will do him justice. Ross has been at the heart of our South Sydney community for years and I’m sure there will be no shortage of reflections on his impact over the coming months.

Ross was a loyal Labor member, a fierce advocate for his community and a hardworking activist for many years. From his work with groups like REDWatch or organising his local Labor branches, to delivering the South Sydney Herald (SSH) each month, his passion and convictions always drove him.

Of his many passions and many years of hard work, what was perhaps most special about Ross was his consistent and unwavering advocacy for the social housing community.

For years Ross argued, petitioned, campaigned and spoke up for the many different residents of South Sydney. As we look around our community today, we can see a special community connection that embraces diversity and is a testament to Ross’s work.

Earlier this year, he wrote for the SSH that we needed to “acknowledge that housing is not a commodity for short-term speculation or a vehicle for wealth accumulation. Rather, it is the place for people to raise a family and the base from which they can be part of a community – that is, a home.”

It’s true, and this community was Ross’s home and his family. He is sorely missed.

Tanya Plibersek Federal Member for Sydney