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Links, Places for Memories & Remembering Trevor Davies

Here we will collect and update links to other material about Trevor Davies. If you know of one which is not here please let us know. We have also provided information about how you can deposit your stories and Remember Trevor.

Below are some current online tributes to Trevor and if you know of others please let us know to pass on to others:

The items below are on the REDWatch website with the links to their origins at the foot of the article

The items below have not been replicated on the REDWatch site and the links are to external sites

Would you like to say something about Trevor?

People are trying to collect stories about Trevor and would like to hear any stories you might have. Gai Smith, who is helping another family collect archives to be deposited with the Mitchell library said that that the Mitchell Library would also be interested in receiving people’s stories. She says “it's very important to use the occasion ... to get people to commit to contributing their memories of Trevor, and what they know of all he did in their area of interest, in writing - so we can gather the materials that will be needed to document the life of a great man.  We'll never get that chance again, to have in one place so many people who knew the different facets of Trevor's life”.

These stories can go to the family, be shared in the South Sydney Herald, on websites and go to the Mitchell Library. Here are some ways you can tell your story or pass on information:

  • The South Sydney Herald published tributes to Trevor in their July issue. They are also planning to add peoples memories onto the South Sydney Uniting Church website. You can email your story or message to editor@ssh.com.au and it can be added to the website and passed on to the family.
  • Add your story to the SMH tribute page - www.onlinetributes.com.au/Trevor_Davies/
  • Add a message or story to the Tribute Book at the Abercrombie Street Newsagency Darlington
  • Do something on your own blog or website and let us know about it

Help the Memory and Activities of Trevor Live on

Here are some thing you could do to help Trevor's memory live on:

  • Trevor talked to many people and made them feel welcome and part of the community. He also introduced people he knew to others. You can do the same.
  • Trevor was involved in many activities, causes and campaigns. Many of those are looking for people to volunteer and help. Think about what you may be able to do to help others
  • Some people have suggested a memorial to Trevor in Darlington, if a good idea emerges and people support it then we are sure it can be made to happen. Council due to do some work around the Darlington shops within the next 12 months people might like to consider how Trevor could be best remembered by his community?