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Trevor Davies Memorial

Two letters appeared in the September 2011 issues of the South Sydney Herald regarding a suitable memorial to Trevor Davies we have reproduced them here,

Trevor Davies Memorial

I am writing with a suggestion for a memorial to our dear friend and community stalwart, Trevor Davies. Everywhere that Trevor went he always had his shopping trolley overflowing with copies of the latest South Sydney Herald. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to have a sculpture of his trolley situated just outside the shops on Abercrombie Street with a small plaque explaining its significance. I also had a thought that the University could raise its standing in the eyes of the local community by preserving the green space on the corner of Abercrombie and Codrington Streets, turning it into a proper park and naming it the Trevor Davies Memorial Park. This would be a much better use of that piece of land than building the huge development which the University is proposing.

Colin Sharp Darlington

I want to share an idea regarding a memorial in Darlington for Trevor Davies. What I have in mind is a bench in the Darlington shops area. As a way of preserving Trevor’s capacity to connect and communicate and build relationships throughout this community, my suggestion is that there is a story attached to this bench.

The story talks about Trevor but most importantly it states that anyone who sits on the seat is compelled to reach out and communicate to people who are nearby. It can also state that, wherever possible, it is a neighbourhood obligation for others to join a lone bench sitter and communicate with him or her. There is an ideal location for the bench that would not interfere with people traffic and other traffic in any way. Directly in front of Ming’s takeaway there is a small garden area. The bench could be positioned just in front of that.

Michael Page Darlington

Source: September 2011 South Sydney Herald http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/