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Who’s that with Trevor?

GoGet Car Share has unveiled its own memorial to Trevor Davies in the form of the “Trevmobile” parked in Codrington Street near the Sydney Uni Aquatic Centre reports the November 2011 issues of the South Sydney Herald.

The van livery includes a photo of Trevor with a voice bubble saying: “This van only turns left!” with two text panels:

“Trevor Davies (1956-2011) Was the founder and editor of the South Sydney Herald, and a local Redfern/Darlington scribe and political activist. Son of a Welsh coal miner, Trev wagged school at age 9 to watch his first election on TV and remained glued to politics ever since. Those who knew him admired his commitment to social justice and his integrity in remaining true to his ideals and values.”

“About the Trevmobile – Trev’s great for delivering stuff like papers, your mate’s couch or simply any neighbourhood thing that needs shifting (he’s been known to change a few opinions in his time). He’s larger than life (tray capacity 6 m3), full of stories and knows everyone. Next time you see him on the street, just ask, ‘Who’s that with Trevor?’”

Council is discussing an upgrade around Darlington shops so hopefully the Trevor Seat proposed in the September SSH is not far off!

Source: November 2011 South Sydney Herald http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/